Chris Martin was his usual unsociable self when he and Gwyneth arrived at LAX after an overseas flight this week. The paparazzi followed them through customs and he became more and more irritable. Finally one malevolent photographer sneered to the uncooperative Coldplay singer “Hey Chris, how does it feel getting Brad’s sloppy seconds?” (Referring to the fact that Gwyneth dated Brad Pitt before she married Chris) Chris LUNGED at the guy and security had to grab him to keep him from throttling the rude snapper. Chris ought to learn to ignore these comments – a violent reaction provides better photos.

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  1. I don’t blame him. Those PAP SMEARS are getting quite brazen. The state of California should enforce STALKING laws against the PAP SMEARS and arrest them all.

  2. “Hey Chris, how does it feel getting Brad’s sloppy seconds?
    Good one.

  3. News Flash: Gwyneth was sloppy when Brad had her, too.

  4. The paps are nasty. Chris should just not let their BS effect him so much.

  5. a perfect couple, each is equally annoying and self important.
    What does SHE has to complain about?
    SHE is a wispy, washed out little thing whose entire career is based on the relationships she had with people in the industry.

  6. You’ll remember Gwynnie won an Oscar for “Shakespeare in Love” of the most boring and poorly-acted movies ever. I recall she wore a very chi-chi pale pink billowy ill-fitting gown. Her little tits didn’t fill it out; in fact the two little things looked like two baby pacifiers. It’s all in what family you were born in and what connections you have. PS: I don’t think this marriage will last.

  7. chris martin is one of the Dumbiest and most Pathetic MORON I’ve ever read about!!
    Please gwyneth, “BUY” another one because this ASSHOLE will damage your career very badly!!

  8. I hve no love for Chrissy Martin or Gweneth Puketrow but these photographers are just cruising for a bruisin and one day one of them is going to get his ass royally kicked.

  9. They make me sick, but the paparazzi should be brought under control.

  10. Janet, you need more readers/commenters. Why not pay Perez Hilton to give your site a plug.

  11. To each his own: But never understood why she liked Chris Martin; they just don’t look like they belong together, plus he’s not handsome. Was she knocked up when got hitched. I KNOW…..NONE OF MY BEESWAX.

  12. i am suprised chris martin picked up Gywenth from the airport.

  13. i am suprised chris martin picked up Gywenth from the airport.

  14. OH you’re kinda getting a lot of evil inflict jollies commenting on this aren’t you gossip lady?

  15. HA HA ..He’s pretty stupid for letting that get to him and the paps are pretty stupid for not realizing that he IS getting his publicity in his own way by trying to come across as some kind of bad ass or something, I think he thinks he’s all tough now because he hangs out with JayZ sometimes..Gwyneth is always bragging about how cool they are because of that

  16. Hm. As Sean Penn/Madonna before him, this bodes badly for their marriage.
    By now he should know just to ignore paps when they shitz talk… does he lose his temper on his wife and kids too? Most likely!

  17. He should just laugh as them to their faces; show them what assholes they really are.
    Plus, there should be some sort of universal stalking law that can be used against all the paps who follow people around and ambush them.

  18. Janet this pic ran on all of the other blogs 2 weeks ago. Why are you running it now?

  19. Get that guy a “CLAPTON ON A STICK” fan…
    Anytime a photographer trys to take a photo of him, have him put the Clapton face over his.
    I mean, “Where’s Eric” ? Anyway!!

  20. Probably at the Indy 500 time trials.
    Course, I thought he was a F1 fan…

  21. I thought, everybody in Hollywood had 5% black tint on there window of there cars.

  22. I am a “proud,” HOMOSEXUAL AMERICAN and think that Chris is “FIERCE AND HOTT!”
    LOl xoxo Gwyneth had better hold on tight I would “do him,” in a New York minute I love his music he’s SO CUTE!!

  23. His music is fabulous but his ‘side by side’ is not…she’s an idiot for not having him by herside at important functions, why by married to a missing man! oh..he did give her 2 georgeous kids.

  24. This ignorant broad does not get my pity. First, she is un-american, second, she saddled her kid with the fruit apple as a name. She will drop her brit hubby as soon as madonna drops hers. She emulates madge you know. Blechhhh

  25. If she is sloppy seconds, than I would kill for a chance to be with her in a second, HOT sexy Lady. Yummy.

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