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Rumors of a friendship developing between Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have been greatly exaggerated. Like we told you, Beyonce is going through the motions of befriending Kim because their men are performing together and they are forced into close proximity. Beyonce has good manners and would not openly snub Kim, but they don’t travel in the same social circles. We’re thinking that Kanye West singing the praises of Kim’s sex tape history didn’t help things either. On labor day, the two women watched their significant others Jay-Z and Kanye perform while sitting on opposite sides of the stage. This week Beyonce is enjoying a Mediterranean cruise for her 31st birthday with her husband, baby, and a few select friends – Kim and Kanye are NOT included.

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  1. Oh yes, beyonce and jay are a much more sophisticated and classy couple than the other two ….. bwa hahaha!

  2. @Sari – I agree 100%. The wigs/fake hair never come off. A wig for every occasion. What a joke.

  3. Beyonce and Kim both are fake trashy money grubbers who flaunt their wealth and live like the rich pigs they are. Beyonce can barely sing and steals most all of her songs and ideas from other real artists. Both look like hell with tons of make-up and photo shop. No wonder they can’t stand each other they are both sickeningly superficial and similar.

  4. I personally have never understood the mass appeal of Beyonce. She has an OK voice, but there are more performers who are much better singers. She’s probably shunning Kim Kardashian (and don’t get me wrong, Kim DESERVES to be shunned; she’s such a trashy example of a human being) because Kim has a bigger booty than she does and doesn’t want the competition. I think all four of them should get together, buy their own island in Siberia and live there until the end of time, away from decent people.

  5. Love that the baby is not beautiful so she can keep in the basement with solange. 31, for beyonce! Maybe 41.

  6. ALL of them are ghetto people, no matter how much money they make. At least Beyonce can sing and dance and didn’t get famous for getting peed on, like her non friend Kim did.

  7. Nina: I agree 100%.

    And for their summer home, I hear they have a huge condo available in outer Mongolia. In Siberia, hopefully all 4 will get snowed in and get into a huge fight and end up with many wigs on the floor. lol

  8. Agree with most of the above but you have to admit that even Kim is a better actress than Beyonce.

  9. Actually Kim looks younger and better without all that makeup.
    Overexposed for years with a new song almost every month Beyonce sees Kim as a threat to her waning popularity.

  10. Everyone who commented except the firat commenter are effing HATERS! Anyway, she shouldn’t be seen with that trashy cum dumpster. And why are you all jealous of her wealth? She worked for it for the last 16 years!

  11. I take that back ALL of you are haters! Get a life and make your own way instead of being haters…

  12. Sorry, but Beyonce’ is one of the best entertainers in the industry and Kim K. looks like trash.

  13. Lol. Funny that so many will talk about B like that. She makes tons of money and how does she show of her wealth? By buying things that she can afford? Lol. We all purchase things our money can afford, some people just have more money cause they worked hard for it. I wont start on kim cause i love that family but the two couples seem to be very much opposite, not everybody will get along, thata y some of u are pro kim or beyonce.. She doesnt have to befrirnd everyone or hang with her her husband hangs with. People r just mean, dont get caught up in the blogs, they’re fun to read but not always true. Imagine your every move being shown to the public and you being critized for it or made out to b this
    Horrible human being.

  14. im happy beyonce isnt really close to kim, kim doesnt deserve to be in beyonces presents

  15. Beyonce need to stop, she thinks she’s better than most but she’s not. Kim is a very nice person. B need to grow up we all have made mistakes get over it.

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