Forest Whitaker lost a whole lot of weight without the help of Jenny Craig or any diet products. He put on 70 pounds before filming his Oscar winning role of Idi Amin in “The Last King Of Scotland” in 2007. After that, he simply started eating healthier food and doing martial arts and hiking more. Gradually the pounds rolled off, and everyone was startled to see him at the Oscars this year looking trim. Above, the 48 year old actor is walking in New York.

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  1. He looks great, but I wish he would start wearing better fitting clothes.

  2. He was fat long before that film role. He’s been overweight since he first showed up on the scene. In fact THIS is the first time he has been of normal weight, but good for him. Now maybe he’ll go one better and get whatever’s wrong with that weird eye of his fixed. It doesn’t look like it would be unfixable and it might broaden his roles.

  3. Forest is one of our finer actor/directors,
    who remains well grounded with a great love for his family.To be able to lose a consider amount of weight without advertising your intentions is an accomplishment within itself.It is my understanding that Mr. Whitaker has a hereditary condition called ptosis,which is an abnormally low position
    (drooping) of the upper eyelid,and he has said previously that it does affect his vision.With respect and appreciation for his talents,he remains one of my faves.

  4. good for him.

    i lost all my baby weight by eating normally, as in no chocolate and biscuits, as well as walking 3-4 times a week. was actually really easy and enjoyable.

  5. P.S.
    With the considerable amount of weight that Forest has shed,it reminds me of DeNiro when he goes all out for a role like Raging Bull, and then loses the weight afterwards.

  6. I think he looks awful now, like he is sick. Plus now he looks like a giant pair of ears walking around. Not a good look for him, he went too far.

  7. Deborah Roberts may not agree with me, but I
    liked Al Roker’s facial features better when he was overweight.Even though Star Jones was
    overweight,she had an attractive face, but recently….Valerie Bertinelli has lost weight in front of our eyes,and done well.
    With Forest some of us may not have seen him in a while, and then suddenly he reappears weighing less,and it takes some getting used to.For health reasons, I will say keep off the good work.

  8. YEA, WAY TO GO! I have a good friend who lost a lot of weight w/out anything like Jenny Craig — just mindfully eating 100 carbs or less per day, plus hiking and exercise. No bread at all, which I would have a hard time w/! But, basically, it’s all calories in, calories out, and figuring out how many calories you should have every day and still lose weight. And oh yes, don’t eat after 7:30 at night and get a good night’s sleep!!!!

  9. I’ve always known him to be chubby. This is first time I’ve seen him even close to normal weight. But a damn good actor.

  10. I love this man as an actor. It has always amazed me that he works in an industry that is so image conscience that he would even be alowed to audtion since he doesn’t look like the stereotype black male the Hollowood favors. I’m so happy that someone got passed the lazy eye, the weight, the keloids and keep their attention on the acting.

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