It’s not easy being Sandra Bullock. Imagine – she was the toast of the town at the Oscars and a few weeks later she’s been crushed by marriage betrayal. Since In Touch revealed the story of Jesse James’ affair with tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell McGee,” Sandra has been out of sight and canceling appearances. If you’re wondering if the affair story is true, all you have to do is LOOK at the model – she’s Jesse’s type. He’s always preferred skanky women and Sandra is the exception. It’s ironic that the affair happened while Sandra was filming “Blind Side” in Atlanta. We feel awful for her, but don’t think she’ll dump Jesse. Sandra knew she was marrying a bad boy. She’ll think long and hard and make him suffer, but she doesn’t want a divorce. Like Fergie, she will take the high road and hold on to her marriage.

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  1. James says a “vast majority” of the allegations made against him are “untrue and unfounded,” but says, “It’s because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way.”

    Stay tuned…when the tat whore reads this, there will be text messages released. I have heard she has around 100 juicy ones. Course, Jesse might pay her off to keep her silence.

  2. Hope she dumps him. He’s scum, and besides Sandra, picks skanky women. No class, and he seems inhuman as well. Run Sandy run!

  3. Maybe JJ was jealous of his wife’s fame and wanted to prove he was a ‘manly man’ by cheating. Seems like this was the case years ago when Frank Gifford was caught cheating on Kathie Lee. Many are wondering at this moment if the same thing is happening with Kelly Ripa, who makes 95% of the money, while Mark Consuelos makes 5%. This happens a lot….there are more cases, but can’t think of them now.

  4. The thing with Frank Gifford was a set up by a tabloid. They hired a flight attendant to seduce him for the photos, and it worked. He was a dumb smuck. And so is Jesse.

  5. Sandra will leave him…He embarrassed her in front of the world!

  6. Well, if she doesn’t leave him, she’s a total fool. I read where this woman isn’t the only one that JJ has been cheating with either. Also, that he has continued to drink and is a big pot user, while married to Sandra. I don’t think she went into this marriage with blinders on. She knew what he was. She just made the mistake that so many women before her have made – thinking she could change a man. Wake up, Sandra, once a cheater and a jerk, always a cheater and a jerk. A tiger doesn’t change it’s stripes.

  7. I read too that women will be coming out of the woodwork now. I feel so bad for Sandra regardless if people here think she asked for it or not. I think she did not.

  8. I don’t think women necessarily think they can change a man, they just see the full potential, and fall in love with that. Sad to say, the full potential never materializes.

  9. Sandra probably flew home weekly to see Jesse while she was filming; he most likely never flew to see her.

  10. How shallow of Sandra to think she could tame Jesse when all of his other ex wives couldn’t keep him from screwing up his other past failed marriages.

    Not only that, she though she could be so much of better mother than Sunny’s real mom, Janine that she stole her daughter from her.

    Sandra deserves all the humilation she gets. She aint all that. Jesse did the same thing to her that he did to all of his other ex wives.

    Now hopefully Sunny will be returned to her REAL mother Janine now that shallow Miss Perfect Sandra hits the road with her tail between her legs. The old infertile, sterile barren mommy wannabe stepmonster Sandra Bullock needs to get lost.

    Miss perfect thought she could take another womans loser ex husband and change him and turn him into a decent man and replace his childs mother and raise her as her own. He would never cheat on Miss Perfect like he did his other ex wives. Yeah right….and only Miss Perfect Sandra is good enough to be Sunny’s mother not her REAL mother Janine…(Not going to happen now that they’re going to get a divorce)

    It makes me laugh that Miss Perfect Sandra’s husband cheated on her by having unprotected sex multiple times with a tatooed skank pot whore. Ha ha! She thought she could get Jesse and Sunny but now she lost Jesse and now hopefully she will have a lovely STD that will make her even more infertile. LOL!

  11. She needs to get rid of this guy NOW. Her love of bad boys is rooted in low self-esteem and she really should ask herself why she feels she deserves so little.

    I kept a cheater for a long time and found out that they NEVER change! If she likes it rough with a guy who is hung like a jury, call Mickey Rourke!

  12. I think James used her to get legal custody of the kids. He may care for her but I believe he will always be attraced to scum

    Ohh, this makes a lot of sense, Walt.

    Well supposedly the skank contacted Jesse on his twitter account many months ago looking for a modeling job. That is what started the reported affair. Jesse canceled his twitter account today. You do the math.

    Didn’t know this, right, but it makes total sense.

    From what I have heard, supposedly even back in high school Sandra was going out with some jerk for four years who cheated on her. And she had a thing with/for Matthew McBongoDrums. And she (used to) continually refer to Jesse as “hot.” Seems to me she only gets hot for guys who are distant and cheating/lying (which, believe it or not, is not all men)

    I had liked Jesse on Celebrity Apprentice because I had thought he seemed like a good guy (Wrong!) And I liked Brett Michaels on last week’s episode because I thought he led the team well, got things done, and used the expertise of his people.

  13. And it turned out he wasn’t good enough for her after all. I bet Sandra Bullock will be just fine, and move on with her life. She’s smart and talented and obviously a hard worker.

    Jesse James… what a stupid loser.

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