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When Eva Longoria guested on the Craig Ferguson show recently, she didn’t realize she still had a price tag on her sexy high heels. She peeled it off and Craig grabbed it and went into sticker shock. He couldn’t believe they cost $695!

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  1. Please. Nobody pays list. Eva probably paid nothing for them. Since when do those in hollywood buy their own cloths or jewelry? Without a doubt eva left the tag on, on purpose.
    Since her (so called marriage) she has cut her hair short and chunked up.

  2. $695 for those fugly shoes. Women are even more desperate than I had originally thought.

  3. I wouldn’t even buy them from Payless!! What do these so-called designers think they’re doing charging that kind of crappy price for a pair of shoes…not any better than any other pair of shoes…what a colossal joke!! Anybody STUPID enought to drop that kind of cash for shoes gets exactly what they deserve…ROBBED!!!
    PS…she said it herself…her husband cut her hair…she likes it…and she gained a FEW pounds for her SHOW at THEIR request. Now everybody back off, leave her alone!

  4. When so many people are out of work, flaunting a $700 pair of shoes makes me ill.

  5. What a fake, foolish border rat. She was given the shoes in the dressing room prior to the show. While was on the show he hubby was busy pounding a blonde hooker who looks like Pam Anderson.

  6. More a fake than J Lo. At least she has her mustache powdered in this pic.

  7. Sean Penn needs to teach Tony. Sean once made Madonna dress up in a chicken suit and stand in the closet all day. Guess he wanted to make a point. I’m sure if Tony employed this tactic, he could break Eva of buying $10 shoes for $700. (even though I doubt she paid anything for them)

  8. Hello….I have heard air-head, highly over-paid Kelly Ripa brag about Jimmy Choo’s costing about $700. As to whether she paid for them, she does not say. The more these talentless fluffs make, the more they expect free stuff. Disgusting, but the sheep keep coming back for more. Plus, right on her show she said she is proud to be an ICON for the Gay and Lesbian community; she will regret her words on J-Day.

  9. I’m just glad to see Craig Ferguson mentioned (but disappointed at no pic.) He’s our only sexy late night host and I wish he’s show up more on these sites. He doesn’t want to though. Likes his privacy.

  10. Just what is so outstanding about Tony (9 years younger than Eva), that she pursued him relentlessly until he proposed? Oh wait, the picture is becoming clearer…..African-American father….tee hee. Oh wow, and she is so short and tiny. Granted, she gained a little weight for her TV role, but that’s hopefully temporary. Go, Eva.

  11. Remember Anne “Broke-Ass” Heche, Eva? Save those pennies for a rainy day!

  12. It was a well-staged promo for the shoes but done to look totally innocent. Stars get the shoes for free and this was great advertising. A star like Eva doesn’t pay for clothes. Some D-listers would just have their assistants return after wearing for a few minutes on stage.

  13. Cute shoes? I’ve paid close to that, so what get over it people.

  14. Put this $700 pair of shoes in the Wal-Mart rack, mark them $24.98, and I guarantee they won’t be sold. No high heels at Wal-Mart are priced over $18.98. Some high heels at Wal-Mart are really cute. No one would even recognize these red ones are by a so-called ‘designer’, and they would have to be most likely marked down before they sold. Celebs are so shallow.

  15. Janet, this happened over a week ago. Where have you and ‘your team’ been? What’s with the stupid triggit.com ads all over your site? A little low on cash are ‘we’ ?

  16. I think the point here is not did Eva pay that much (she paid $0), but that ANYone would charge that much for any piece of clothing. Craig being a very thifty Scot (even tho he says he’s terrible with money) would nearly start hyperventilating at that price for a pair of shoes.

  17. SO this democrat supporter…once a hillary supporter and probably a Barack supporter really gives you an example of why the Democrats are the party of the RICH and SPOILED.

  18. Hey, The Warden, you have it wrong. The Democrats are by and large the middle class working stiffs of this country. The Republicans go out of their way to try to PROTECT THEIR RICH FRIENDS with tax breaks and barely paying any taxes. Just look at our illustrious screw-up himself, Mr. George W. Bush. He had a ton of “experience” in politics when he walked in to the Oval Office, and 8 long, miserable, expensive years later, he not only used up the considerable amount of money left over AFTER Bill Clinton balanced the budget, but he’s put this country into the worst shape it’s ever been in. Since 1776. THAT’S what Republicans in office will do for ya.

  19. $695 is actually pretty cheap for some nice evening wear. Wonder why she didn’t wear the black ones.
    She’d be wise to invest in a decent dress. Looks like something Ivanka would have worn about a year or two ago.

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