Another comeback! And it looks like it will be successful – 80’s band Duran Duran has extended their run at the Barrymore Theater on Broadway in New York, starting next week. They’re celebrating the release of their new album Red Carpet Massacre. (LOVE the title) Nick Rhodes is still our favorite little fashionista. We met him years ago at an MTV party and he was very drunk and loads of fun.

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  1. Aaaah? Which one is Nick Rhodes? His fashionistaness isn’t speaking to me in the picture?

  2. What is the point of this vanity bragging? I can afford to wear expensive clothes and am over-groomed, exercised, dieting girly-boys so Nawh Nawh? What have they done constructively to help and secure a peaceful world by the sweat of their brow?

  3. Nick is the blonde one…
    And I for one am thrilled that they are making a comeback!

  4. I am glad to see Roger Taylor back in the band. Simon aged kind of weirdly though.

  5. John Taylor is the finest piece of arse on the planet. He made me learn about my girlie parts back in 7th grade when they were big. HAWT!

  6. About 4 years ago I got to hang out with them in Miami Beach at a club called Level (it it now Mansion). Anyhoo, Simon LeBon was so down to earth and nice and made sure he walked up and introduced himself to EVERYONE at the owner’s lounge area. Very classy and they all were great on stage and just super nice. And most importantly still sexy and hot!

  7. ^^ “He made me learn about my girlie parts back in 7th grade when they were big.”
    Um, if you don’t mind me asking:
    How big are your “girlie parts” NOW?

  8. I second John Taylor being so very smokin’ hot!! The man certainly has aged gracefully!

  9. There music is great and the way they dress…I Wish I could afford those cloths.

  10. They have staying power and there music is timeless and of course there fashion changes but it is always colorful and great and to tell you the truth they look like fashion models on the stage. They move me with there music and when! I am driving I Listen and Sing there songs and Best wishes with your new album.

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