Is this an off-duty Chippendale’s dancer turning on the charm outside Boa steakhouse in Beverly Hills? Believe it or not, you’re looking at hotshot plastic surgeon Dr Robert Rey, also known as Dr 90210 on his reality series. The doctor has always had eccentric fashion sense, but outdid himself in this fishnet shirt and leather pants! Here he’s getting playful with the paparazzi.


17 thoughts on “DR 90210 IS A LIVE WIRE

  1. why on earth they let these american failures eat there?
    ……………..it WAS a nice restaurant.

  2. Now there’s a man’s man, eh Strom.
    Who wants to fuck him more, the guy or the chick?

  3. Nip/Tuck wannabe! I hope he’s friendly to the paparazzi because all his outfit and actions do is scream “look at me…I MUST be noticed at all costs”. There are some sick people in this world.

  4. Quite enjoyed watching his show, he is a likeable enough guy, comes across well. Given his childhood, he has worked very hard to get where he is and done very well for himself.

    I wonder if he is still with his wife, she came across as neurotic and way too skinny. She didn’t get that he was working long hours for good reason and would ride him about it. But she was the one who wanted a bigger and better BH house!!

  5. Interesting show. Yet, I can’t help but wonder which team he plays for…… ?

  6. I am guessing like most egocentric, superficial, reality TV stars he’ll play on any team that can advance his obsession with fame. That outfit could be right off the pages of an International Male catalog from the 1980s. And the admiring looks from those two onlookers is perplexing. Are they laughing AT him?

  7. Yeah, he’s gay….on the downlow. Otherwise, his wife wouldn’t have been so “nervous” — b/c otherwise, it’s a nice family. There’s a Big Lie in there somewhere — it seems like more than just narcissism that drives this ridiculous attire.

  8. I have been accused countless times of having no gaydar, but I’m with the rest of you on this one, this OUTFIT is by far a “gay” styled cliche. I too have wondered about that “wife” of his and why she kept withering away to a smaller and skinnier size while he seemed oblivious to her body image issues (some great powers of observations there, doc)! Her legs were toothpicks and her head looked like a blonde-topped bubble on top of the stack of bones. He was constantly wanting to shove more kids on her when he didn’t spend any time with the ones he already has.

    The “house” is beyond rediculous. You couldn’t hear your mate talking from the room next door to you if you tried! There is just no reason in the world to live in such outlandishly large buildings. All they can do is sponser alienation from your loved ones when you ARE there and encourage small kids to get lost and or drown in the pool or fall off the cliffs when no one’s watching. But then, I guess that’s what the four nannies are for, right Camille Grammer?

    Ps: I wouldn’t want to live in a big cold place that “echoes”!

  9. You’re right, Teddy. It’s well-known around town that Dr. Rey is deeply-closeted. Fine by me, but this is one of those deals where the “little Missus” is NOT aware of her husbands predilections… (unlike a closeted actor we all know, who’s wife just bought–ahem! I mean, HAD a baby at age 49)

    No wonder Rey’s wife is waif thin and nervous as a cat. He keeps her home all the time, unfed, uninvited and totally unaware.

    As for his medical practice, I can’t believe he has any patients at all. The guy isn’t even board certified!…and he always conducts his ‘consultations’ with patients as if, rather than SURGERY– they were going in for eyelash extentions or a body facial! Dr. Rey is a complete joke as a practitioner, and I wouldn’t recommend him to treat so much as a hang nail.

  10. He’s invented a new look – glam punk – and it’s bloody awful.

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