Recently Donatella Versace visited Barneys in Beverly Hills and she thoroughly shopped the co-op sportwear level where they’re having a major sale. According to an eyewitness, she rummaged through all the racks and piled thousands of dollars worth of random items on the counter without trying anything on. (To everyone’s disappointment, her anorexic daughter Allegra, pictured above, was not with her.) Most noteworthy was the fact that she had THREE bodyguards. In Barneys! Are all wealthy Italians afraid to go out without bodyguards? Or just Versaces?

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  1. Her brother was murdered by a so-called “spree killer.”
    Do you actually THINK about these items before you write them?

  2. Feed that child, she looks so hungry! Her neck is so skinny it can barely hold her head up.

  3. Uh…her brother was murdered getting a newspaper. She’s also heir or owns who knows how much and you wouldn’t have bodyguards? I wouldn’t blame her if she is a little fearful. Having said that, please look at your daughter Donatella and get her some help!

  4. The smirk with the fake lips isn’t making mom look any prettier.

  5. i thought the versaces were mafia connected, hence the security.
    this is an older photo, the daughter is rarely photographed.
    the daughter has sought treatment for her ED.
    telling a person with anorexia to eat food is comparable to telling an alcoholic to stop drinking, its a waste of time.
    the daughter was close to her uncle, he left a majority share of his company to his niece, not his sister who collaborated and greatly influenced verace.
    his death devastated the entire family and in particular his niece.
    some other reasons the daughter might be having problems, her parents were a mismatched couple ( dad is an american former male model) who divorced a few years after versace was killed, mom had a serious coke addiction, and above all, the fashion industry prizes “thinness”, thinness an obsession.
    in the fashion industry, normal sized women (sizes 6-12) are “fat cows”.

  6. Both of them look like perverted monsters who should be put out of their misery.

  7. Both look like sister’s which doesn’t say much for either one of them. It just shows you no matter how much money you have you can still look like S-H-I-T!

  8. I would have bodyguards too. She ruined her face with all that plastic surgery, she looked much prettier before. The doctor should be hospitalized, she is losing her battle with anorexia.

  9. ^The same Palermo from GR?
    Who is her plastic surgeon? I just want to make sure I never go to him/her.

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