If Paris Hilton can afford to have a hairdresser do her hair every morning, then Britney Spears can afford it too. Britney should give up trying to manage her own locks – she needs a fulltime expert. She walked out of a West Hollywood dance studio looking like THIS. We’re not sure if these are permanent or clip on extensions but whoever attached them should refund Britney’s money or teach her how to deal with them. This never happens to the Kardashians.

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  1. It’s pretty clear at this point that she just doesn’t care how the paparazzi photographs her anymore. I get the impression her ‘rebellion’ is more about trying to find and just be herself. I empathize and wish her well.

  2. I agree. I don’t think she gives a damn. And she’s been photographed looking much worse (hello bald woman with an umbrella!).

  3. She is one nasty mess!!

    I sure would like to know which “lottery in the universe of mankind” she won, and where do I buy a ticket?

    What is the attraction to her? Seriously. She can’t sing a lick(oops it’s the country hick com in’ out in me just talking about her) she sure as hell can’t dance. She is a slob who abuses her children and animals. Oh ya, she is also a sleaze who loves flashing her crotch to the world. And last but not least she is drug addict!! Go figure.

    Just goes to show that some people’s destiny is set out for them no matter what.

  4. Add to that cold mess. She isn’t interesting except for her bizarre behvavior and looks.

  5. She’s displayed her extensions for years. It bugs me that time and time again, those around her (including her own family) never say anything to her before she steps out in the public. I can understand her running around a tour bus or at home with her hair up. For what reason would no one bother to mention it to her? Oh well. Not that big of a deal really.

  6. It’s as if the people who have been COURT ORDERED to take care of her…..really want her to fail….or they only make money on her when she is a mess. It is not a humane situation, in my opinion.

  7. How many years ago now did she shave her head? And she STILL hasn’t managed to grown her own hair out? Don’t these women nowadays realize how destructive the constant pulling on their own hair these extensions are? They can cause balb patches and just plain old BALDNESS. Hair follicles aren’t designed by nature to have huge clips-ins riding on them, the weight of their own strands is all they are designed to take. Daily brushing, shampooing and the like are hard enough on a healthy head of hair, this is just stupid and asking for it. We’re going to have a whole generation or two running around bald here pretty soon.

    PS…Britney is STILL so “Hillbilly” ya’ll she can hardly be expected to know what’s good for her if she walks around barefoot in gas station restrooms, now, can she? Maybe her “keeper” is as dumb as she is!

  8. Thanks for the follicle maintenance lesson, Reta.
    Could you now please enlighten the readers on the correct way to wipe their bums?
    Do you have spell check?

  9. she doesn’t give a shit what people think of her
    good for her
    why should she? that just causes more mental behaviors anyway
    i am sure if ANY of us were caught off guard
    toolin’ around town on one of OUR off fuck the world days
    we might even look worse…..

    love one another

  10. One longs for the “good ol days” of glamour in its stars in public, ya know Hedda? Dita never fails us tho.

  11. It’s clear from the pics there isn’t much hair left to hold those extensions due to alopecia caused by years of abusing her hair. She ought to just remove them, cut her hair super short and just wear wigs to save what’s left of her natural hair.

    And someone should BURN her wardrobe and get her some proper designer looks. If I see her in a Juicy track suit or cut offs one more time I will scream!

  12. IMHO, here’s partly what’s wrong with Brit:

    1) Too much fame and fortune too fast.

    2) Horrible taste in ex-husbands and boyfriends.

    3) And her bi-polar disease doesn’t help any, since she goes off her meds a lot.

  13. She’s been used and abused since childhood. Her father molested her too. She was a top Disney slave, together with Aguilera and Timberlake. Then showbiz (sex) slave. She was forced into a sexual relationship with Madonna back after that infamous kiss a few years ago. Any wonder she ended up like this? Stop blaming her, she is the victim. This is how things work in Hellywood, believe it or not.

  14. PS: Because of all her bad choices, etc. and more stuff she’s done, and in spite of her still pulling down thousand$ a month, she seems to not really give a damn about much of anything, least of all her hair and lack thereof.

  15. And she’s not bipolar at all. This is official media’s way to hide the real mess/problem behind celebs troubled life. The real diagnosis is mind control and this is no joke at all. Do ur research better.

  16. This poor woman very clearly has a mental illness. Daddy Spears is not taking proper care of his little cash cow. Those extensions should be removed and she should only have what’s left of her own real hair for at least a year.

  17. XYZ: You’ve made 3 STATEMENTS without anything to back them up.
    1. Her father molested her.
    2. forced into a sexual relationship with Madonna
    3.The real diagnosis is mind control.

    You say “Do ur research better.”
    I wonder, just where did YOU do YOUR “research”? Unless you’re an insider in that family, there is no way you could KNOW such things. I suggest you are throwing bullshit against the wall to see if it will stick.

    I’m no Britney fan, but I also don’t think it’s such a hot idea to just make random destructive statements about a person like her who is obviously fragile in some way. Much has been said about her, and I think most of it IS true, but your statements are a bit much and sound as crazy as she is.

  18. Reta it’s not nice to call people with major brain disorders crazy.
    Of course it does take one to know one.

  19. I heard a doctor who has treated her for years state she does have bi-polar. This also came out when she was taken away to the hospital babbling right after she shaved her head. The doctor stated she must stay on her meds, this condition is incurable.

  20. And, furthermore, maybe the freakin’ doctor got paid to say this.??? The mind control thing applies too, along with this mental disorder. homework done

  21. Bipolar is much too tame for BS. She has MPD. Probably from being forced into the entertaint world too young, hard and fast. I also think this may have been the case with Heath Ledger and now Mel Gibson to name a few. They just got too deep in their performing roles. I think someone stated that Brit had 3 personalities. If you have followed her over the past few years, it does make sense.

  22. You cannot “create” Bi-polar Disorder OR MPD by either acting or overworking young OR older. It is a chemical imbalance in the brain. CHEMISTRY. My sister is Bi-Polar, and yes, as long as she takes her meds she fits quite well into society and holds a detailed complicated job and is very intelligent.

    These doctors have no business telling their patients diagnosis to anybody, and if they are not the TREATING doctor, they have even less business speaking out about someone they haven’t examined and know nothing about. It is inflammatory as well as libelous.

  23. “Reta” I beg to differ. I remember one actor, who’s name escapes me right now(may have been Mel Gibson). Anyway they were giving advice about acting as a profession. They said be careful about getting into roles because sometimes it is very hard to come out of them. To me this would mean MPD. It happens to young children who have been severly abused because they have to mentally escape themselves. Is this not a form of acting? That’s my theory, and yah I’m stick in’ to it!

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