We were shopping at the Mayfair Market in Hollywood this weekend when we saw a beautifully dressed woman perusing the magazines. It was Dita Von Teese and she looked amazing. No supermarket sweats for her – she was dressed in a gorgeous vintage fitted within-an-inch-of-her-life grey tweed belted dress with ¾ sleeves, a full skirt and fifties heels. Her hair was up in a perfect twist and her makeup was flawless (even in supermarket lighting!) We couldn’t resist telling her she is a favorite on our website and urged her to visit. We loved it when she said sweetly “I DO visit your website!”


  1. I love her clothes. I wish all celebrities dressed like that when they weren’t cavorting naked with blow on their faces.

  2. She looks like a looney tunes throwback actually…maybe she’s better off in Paris but who would pay her.

  3. Dita is very lovely. The dress looks more mid 60s in style, rather than 50s.

  4. She is an ordinary woman who is always extraordinarily dressed. Always.

  5. Dita is beautiful and intelligent. And she has proven ahead of the trend. She was doing the classic vintage stuff long before the Mad Men craze.

    Btw, that style is never outdated. Ever since the seventies artists and other avant garde types have gone back to classic styles. Just because you do not see it in Walmart or Target does not mean it is Not The Done Thing. Sheeesh!

  6. I’m sorry, she looks more and more like Joan Crawford every day to me

  7. It’s ironic that she’s a stripper who dresses like a lady, while most of the Hollywood “ladies” dress like strippers in their everyday lives.

  8. Some Hollywood actresses are ladies on the outside, but most nights most of them have a gentleman inside.

  9. She does look great, if a bit over dressed for grocery shopping. I have to assume she’s either on her way to or from a professionally related appointment.

  10. This fan dancer knows how to dress. I love this houndstooth ensemble. She knew enough to ditch Marilyn Manson (hmmmm) but her stock is up with me.

  11. She does dress beautifully and I have really never seen her look unkempt or not fantastic. She earns her own living, so I respect her, unlike the “hollywood wives” who are the real hookers.
    Altho, Janet said above that “Her hair was up in a perfect twist”…the pic doesn’t match that, so just wondering what’s the deal. But always glad to see Dita, she’s refreshing to look at. Too bad she will eventually grow older. I wonder what she will do for a living then? She must be doing some great investing now…I hope…

    PS: I also hope she never mutilates herself with plastic surgery. She’s way too classic for that.

  12. Janet, you forgot to mention that Dita said, “Nice meeting you, Perez,” when you two said goodbye.

  13. I can’t imagine Dita has the time nor the inclination to read this blog. What I can imagine is the filth that spewed out of Dita’s mouth as Marilyn Manson defiled her.

  14. Sge was defiled by choice,,,many a screw loose with this one,,,and the closer you look the rougher the edges are.

  15. Marilyn Manson and Dita were an interesting match. As much as one may dislike Manson’s image, it is pretty high concept — particularly for American pop music — and Manson and the people around him are pretty savy and intelligent. At some point Manson and Dita’s artistic vision intersected. Maybe their personal lives intersected as well, I don’t know. But they went their separate ways at the right time. Right time for Dita — her star was on the rise, and I am not sure that has happened to Manson.

  16. SB–You’re right about MManson. he is a smart guy, and also presents himself well on “roundtable” real media programs. I still think he is creepy. Hide your daughters. But Dita has some showbiz sense too. They probably had a fun romance.

  17. RE: Seriously?
    I know most people feel a stripper is a stripper is a stripper… but imo Dita Von Teese is a far cry from the average Hollywood pole-twirling-lap-dancing-bump ‘n grinder.

    There’s a distinct difference between strippers and burlesque artists, and Dita falls into the latter category. As they say, Burlesque artists ‘put the tittilating tease back into striptease’.

    Personally, I love her act… with it’s use of large feathered fans and parasols, elaborate costumes showcasing her waspish waist, tons of props (including her signature martini glass “bathtub”) and her gorgeous classical ballet moves.. often going ‘en pointe’.

    There are many imitators… more all the time, but thankfully only ONE Dita, Queen of modern Burlesque. Long may she reign!

  18. HaHa! Teddy, I too find Manson creepy, and completely agree with you. And his musical style is generally not my thing. However some of his music and music videos are brilliant – the work he did with Floria Sigismondi, who helped define his style while directing his videos in the 90’s, was amazing.


  20. She looks utterly STUNNING. Lohan, Momsen etc. should take her lead.

  21. Actually her career is virtually a nothing…even the Charlie Sheen porn star hooker outearns her and certainly the jewess whore Rachel Uchitel! Dita is just an oddity and doesnt have the natural looks to go further.

  22. She has no talent, she’s a fucking stripper for chrissakes, who cares about her? I don’t think she’s pretty under all the makeup, she looks like a drag queen. You have ZERO taste as always, Janet.

  23. Strom, I will ignore your anti-Semitism, and address one part of your comment.

    Once upon a time, when people were not zombies to the corporate world, beauty was defined as something unique, and it was being an oddity of sorts that made a woman beautiful.

    Dita is a throw back to the glory days of Hollywood, when a woman accentuated her natural assets and did not remodel her face the way one would remodel a house.

  24. I am a woman and can EASILY see the obvious beauty in Dita. I have never seen one of her shows, but after the above description, I’m sure it would be a delightful entertainment, and NOT vulgar like the strippers who spread their legs wide open and do the “booty shake” on Jerry Springer” for free, even yanking down their tops and baring their breasts for “Jerry beads”. Dita IS classy, dresses elegantly ALWAYS, and is inteligent as well. I hope she’s investing well while she’s young and still able to use her body for a career. I don’t know WHAT she has in mind for further down the line.

  25. She has an act and many people have not seen it. In a sense that makes her a bit like the Kardashians, but she has never been anything but a class act. I’ve never seen an embarrassing photo of her. Even though she makes a living from her body, I’ve never seen her waving body parts in front of paparazzi like Kim Kardashian and others have. I wish kids like Laurence Fishburne’s daughter who sell themselves to get famous would emulate this woman instead of the Kardashians or others who will do anything to become famous.

  26. Dita’s act is a luxury product – it is for a select few, and her fame builds on this fact. She knows what she is doing, and has yet to sell out by pimping herself out to the general public.

    Of course she could make good money by jumping on a spokesperon offer, or doing a crappy clothing line, but her fame would bubble up, the bubble would burst, and she would be known as a Z-list celebrity. Dita does not want that, she wants a long artistic career. Good for her.

  27. upmarket call girl in classy clothes. just a throw back that did not originate with her. a whore is a whore by any other name. classy, atreet walker all the same when the lights are out. money!

  28. So I guess the porn she did is glamorous?

    Has everyone forgot about it? Not seen it?
    Or doesn’t count because she was rocking her old Hollywood glamour look. Looking beautiful as she was using a double dildo with some porn chick.

  29. Just google dita von teese porn and you can see a one minute clip of this CLASS ACT. I agree with whomever says she is a call girl/prostitute/whorah!

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