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Don’t cry for Tish Cyrus.

We hear that Miley’s mom Tish Cyrus was not exactly blindsided by her husband Billy Ray filing for divorce. It’s news to us, but the situation has been developing in the family for awhile. In fact, we hear that Tish just may have been THE ONE with a wandering eye (and maybe more.) We calculate that Billy Ray is the sad one. (Days after the divorce hit the news. Tish and Miley and Noah had breakfast at Paty’s in Toluca Lake and they have smiley faces.)


  1. Neither of these 2 have to worry about anything, there is enough “Achy Breaky” money to set both of these people for life.

    Just a side note though, I sure hope that young Cyrus daughter gets better looking as she gets older. She’s cute, but not pretty. Just sayin’.

  2. Noah is looking a tad slutty for such a young child. Stop letting her wear your HObag clothes Miley.

  3. FYI, Noah has a very prosperous kiddie/tween show called ‘Noie and Ems’. on YouTube.

  4. Trish, stick with old achy breaky cause.. no other man is this desperate, unless they dated Miley..

  5. This picture was out a week or two prior to the divorce announcement.

  6. The divorce is amicable? So Billy-Ray and Tish will have joint custody of Miley’s bank account then?

  7. Hope y’all can get along without me for a few hours….going shopping at J.C. Penis.

  8. Watch out for gossip, lovers. When Hillbilly Meets Nouveu Riche, and then there’s a divorce……well, I’m getting my popcorn for the big show. Yee Haa, another hooker/mom hits the streets of Hollywierd. (it’s a film genre, but it’s live.)

  9. The younger girl has the exact same face as Miley, same nose, jawline, forhead, eyebrows, mouth. Can’t stand Miley being shoved down our throats constantly (it’s called overexposure and is happening to Beiber too). It seems like this younger child with a boy’s name will be next to be constantly crammed in our faces, ears, everywheres until we throw up.
    I await the day these two young moonheads are OVER and gone for good. It won’t be soon enough!

  10. Reta, I cannot wait for the day when tween culture ends and we do not have to have ALL those talentless generic dwarfs shoved down our throats.

  11. Sebastian, yeah, I can’t understand it either. Why it started, why it’s such a big trend, and how such unadulterated untalented people become famous. Miley sounds like this old woman that has a TV show now too, with a whiskey and long life cigg throat voice. I cringe when she speaks or sings and mute her or change channels when she comes on. That Beiber kid makes me want to throw up and I’m only hoping his voice will crack and kill him singing-wise, and the kids will move on to the next “rage”. It reminds me of when that “Partridge Family” kid David Cassidy was so hot when he was a teen…now he can’t get a ticket for jaywalking!

    ps…Jimmy Kimmel is hilarious on Beiber and last night, with Will Ferrell, the two of them really went off on the “Beiber” thing. It was great and they didn’t pull their punches. The audience agreed and the applause was pretty loud for it!

  12. It’s being reported she was having an affair with Bret Michaels.

  13. Natalie, I haven’t heard that…I can’t for a second believe Michaels would screw up his freshly (in the sceme of things) reworked relationship with his “babymama” for this long in the tooth nobody. I know he has gone for skanks in the past, but he has supposedly moved past that and grown up (finally) to realize his long suffering “girlfriend/babymama/fiance? is THE ONE for him. She deserves a committment at this point after all he’s put her thru.

  14. Of course, even with the divorce, Billy Ray and Trish will still be brother and sister to one another. 🙂

  15. Bret Michaels and Tish were spotted dining out….it’s all over the internet….just enter “Bret Michaels affair with Tish Cyrus”

    Regarding Miley….I know a charming 88 year old lady whose voice is not as low, rasping, and irritating as the horse-tooth Miley. Neigh, neigh, you say?

  16. Brett Michaels is kinda screwed–he’ll have to come up with yet another story/excuse for his baby mama.

  17. Inquiring Mind, we all thought it, but YOU said it. Props!

  18. Didn’t Billy Ray have a child out of wedlock…I think he is calling the kettle black!

  19. Studying this picture once more, I sure can see the facial resemblance..they all three have the same face…poor kids! I wonder if the two girls will get those giant fake jugs like momma’s too? And starve themselves to get the bird legs? The mother is soooo attractive with that giant black streak down the center of her head. What IS it about people…I KNOW they have enough money to go to the hairdresser often enough to keep up the fallacy of being a “blonde”, so what’s with the skunk stripe?

  20. Reta, RE the reseblance:

    This is what happens when you have generations of cousin marriages. Makes me who was born with a squiggley tail.

  21. Casonia Sade Logenberry... Some woman are so hateful at Hells kitchen and the lack of Respect and the lack of appreciation. The man are lost and can't understand the menu says:

    Who would be happy about a Divorce and that means you have to split everything and let every thing you have brougt to the relationship go and that means the family would not be able to spend time together and that contact would not be there and that alone would be frustrating and hard on so many levels.

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