Austrian monster Josef Fritzl, 75, who’s serving a life sentence for rape, slavery, imprisonment, and negligent homicide, after locking his daughter in a dungeon and raping her for 24 years, gave a revealing interview to Germany’s Bild newspaper. While his sex slave daughter was imprisoned she gave birth to 7 children and one died. Bild reports that this fiend doesn’t acknowledge that he committed a crime and is convinced his daughter is kept from visiting him. He remains “arrogant and unrepentant.” Worst of all, he spends his days watching TV and his favorite show is “Two and a Half Men.” (Arrogant and unrepentant might be words used to describe Charlie Sheen also, on a much smaller scale, of course) Why is this evil criminal allowed the luxury of television?


  1. What a foolish post..has Janet run out of news put out by the flaks?

  2. Janet, usually I have no problems with your stuff, but this is way over the top and Charlie is nothing like this piece of cockroach shit.

  3. This story has run all over the place. I actually saw it in New York Magazine online. Actually the story was meatier than this — it was about how viewing habits can determine if someone is Neo-Con, liberal, etc. The detail about Fritzl watching Two and a Half was really just a side note. The way a story is spun in different ways for different publications and sites is rather creepy and sinister. Talk about Disinformation!

  4. That being said, the quote I saw from Fritzl was that he really liked the Jake kid. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

  5. I was going to say what they have in common is highly arched eyebrows and a rather oddly shaped right ear. Other than that I agree with Janet’s questioning of this monster having ANY pleasure…TV…BOOKS… ANYTHING at all entertaining. Let him sit there and count the pieces of crap between his toes or make monkey puppets out of his bugers! Better yet, how about a nice big guard who regularly AND viciously rapes this monster with a roughly hewn (and large) broom handle until he breathes his last. Maybe he’ll gain SOME idea what he made his own daughter endure, but I doubt it. That ANY killer/rapist gets TV or enjoyment is beyond me. I’d love to see them go back to hard labor like the chain gangs busting rock all day. (In that one way, at least Bill O’Reilly and I agree).

  6. Well, they could be father and son…the physical resemblance is there, more so than Martin Sheen and Charlie.

  7. This. Is. An. Awesome. Post. I have always considered these two “types” of men, and what they believe in, to be the REAL problem, not just in Hollywood, but in the world.

  8. Why not capital punishment for his crimes…he ruined the lives of others and should be hung by his fertile little balls!

  9. I think what they have in common is a disregard for women. Charlie Sheen has been quoted as saying the reason he likes prostitutes is because at the end of the evening, when he wants to have sex, he doesn’t have to argue about it. Ditto for the creep who locked up his daughter. When he wanted to have sex, he did. It’s the same type of attitude that women are there for their pleasure but nothing else. It’s revolting and I’d like to see them both hanging from their nut-sacks from the nearest tree.

  10. Bluejay, I agree. Charlie is wearing his debauchery on his face, and looks in some way an older creepier verion of his father Martin. When Charlie was younger he looked almost like a carbon copy of his father, now the resemblance is pretty much lost.

  11. SebastionC, as I have noted before, Charlie is morphing into Butthead from Beavis and Butthead, but without Butthead’s charm.

  12. To those of you who see the debauchery in dear Charlie’s face, look to the left…it IS the “Dorian Gray” picture of Charlie he keeps in his attic, that ages for him and holds all the vice and disregard for women he has had all his life. His family needs to take him by the hand and lead him up to the attic and yank the sheet off the picture and show him what he REALLY looks like!

  13. I still maintain that Charlie is full of demons, mainly sex demons. If you don’t believe in demons (fallen angels) who do you think inhabited Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Charles Manson, and all the bad ones. The Bible clearly states demons are fallen angels that sided with Lucifer when he led a heavenly rebellion and they were kicked out of heaven to wreak havoc on earth. This may fall on deaf ears, and it is NOT off subject, since Charlie needs an exorcism, either that or wind up 6 feet under.

  14. And what the hell kind of DEMON inhabits YOU Indy? It’s got to be SOME kind of twisted inbred mouthbreather with all that hellfire and damnation you spew…geez!

  15. PS: If you rub your Bible any harder it’s going to burst into flames. Geez…give it a rest for a while dude! Go find something ELSE to rub hard on! Oh, Pardon me…I made a pun…

  16. Exorcism……to drive out any thoughts or any thing inhabiting him. He’s tried jail, he’s tried re-hab many times, he’s tried marriages in which all the ladies claim that he hit and pushed them. What else would anyone suggest to help him. Geez, forget the Bible momentarily….did no one see Rosemary’s Baby?

  17. Indy, you incredibly off your rocker thumper…that was a MOVIE…I repeat… MOVIE!! After a very entertaining and well-written BOOK! MIGAWD have you been locked in a closet for 30 years or something? You seem to be more and more loony tunes with each post!

  18. Exorcism…a real word, a real activity, all over the internet, an activity employed mostly by Catholic priests (I’m not a catholic, btw). Also, a word not explicity in the Bible.

  19. Reta, Indy is right on this one. Exorcism is still practices in the Catholic church, though it is not advertized as the church feels it is bad PR (it evokes images of the witch hunts, the Inquisition, and all the other backward kookiness of the church). As Indy points out, in this world of 24/7 media, you cannot miss this fact. Do a Google search or check out television shows like A Haunting, which often features stories of haunting and possessions in which an Exorcist from the Catholic church is employed.

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