According to The Globe, Boston Legal star William Shatner will not be happy to learn that his deceased wife Nerine’s brother is writing a tell-all book about his sister’s mysterious death in 1999, and he’s calling Shatner a liar. William Shatner’s wife Nerine was an alcoholic who was in and out of rehab, and her AA sponsor had warned Bill never to leave her alone. Shatner left her with a housekeeper one day and returned to find her on the bottom of their pool. He called 911 instead of diving in to pull her out. The brother claims that Shatner didn’t jump in the pool because he was wearing a new $25,000 toupee and didn’t want to ruin it! The former brother.-in-law insists “The normal reaction is to pull the person out of the pool and start CPR.” He’s got a point there.

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  2. IF this is true, and i do mean ”IF” Shatner is one sick puppy. This is just really disgusting. You know i actually believe it. You cant make this stuff up.

  3. Dont leave her alone. He didnt. She was with a housekeeper.Dont you think its a little much to ask someone to watch someone 24 hrs a day 7 days a week? she should have been in a hospital or had a professional caregiver. But not jumping in the pool is really messed up. How cab he not go in to try to help her. Wow!

  4. That just sounds absurd and stupid. An interview I saw said he could tell she was already dead. and besides, realistically no person can watch a grown individual 24/7. An addict or not, She should be responsible for herself. She was not 6 years old. I believe if someone is hell bent to kill themselves eventually they will find a way to do it. Her brother sounds like a idealstic dumbass. Plus if he was so concerned – where was HE when all this was going on? Oh that’s right – he was living his life which apparently Shatner was not supposed to do because his ADULT wife was too self indulgent to help her self. Sorry. No sympathy for addicts like her.

  5. well besides that. Addicts ALWAYS have a potential crisis and their illness drags everyone else into their drama. It gets old trying to bail them out all the time. I’m sure that is not the first time he found her in a stooper. He probably was sick of it. Can’t blame him there.

  6. The tears were obviously fake and forced. He just looks sneaky and shady out the eyes. I think he contributed to her death, whether it was pushing her in, or not jumping in to get her.

  7. He married that thing from the episode called, The Man Trap!
    Then…he set her free.

  8. 6:02 is that mentally ill imposter.
    It is rumored that he killed her but what do I know?

  9. He’s one of those guys whose ridiculous fake hair and body-bloat make him appear more womanly.
    And the drowning-his-wife-thing doesn’t do his image any favors, either.

  10. give a signal please:

  11. Did he get away with murder?
    Many people think so.

  12. OMG! I’ve ALWAYS wondered about that! I remember hearing the 911 call. He called crying, hysterical and told the operator his wife was at the bottom of the pool. She was like “get her out NOW!? Then after he went around crying, “Nerine, My queen.” It was all so weird and his grief was so overblown.

  13. Janet your story is bunk. Christopher Walken was spotted by the pool before Shatner got home.

  14. When will Nerine`s brother come out with his book?
    More news, please.

  15. Great story, Janet. UR so much more interesting than Perez!

  16. Writing a book well that says it all..
    It will be in the sale bin
    a month after it comes out~!

  17. He must be experince then wasn’t christopher walken there when natalie wood died in the water.

  18. He must be experince then wasn’t christopher walken there when natalie wood died in the water.

  19. From CCN.com on the incident:
    …Shatner arrived at home and found Kidd at the bottom of the pool around 10 p.m. Pacific time (1 a.m. EDT), said the Los Angeles Police Department.
    “(Shatner) dialed 911 and dove into the pool to render aid to his wife,” police Lt. Adam Bercovici said.
    So he called 911 and then dove into the pool. He did what should have been done. Also in the CNN article, it states that when the police and paramedics got to the house, Shatner had Narine out of the pool and on the side trying to render aide.
    So what is her brother talking about?

  20. “Don’t you LOVVVVE to negotiate…..?’
    —William Shatner, Priceline

  21. why didn’t the family help out? why did’t this brother who is writing a book hint hint MONEY keep an eye on his drunk a$$ sister…perhaps Shatner was in shock…and hey his hair looks great, nice save Bill

  22. William Shatner did exactly what should be done in an emergency situation. You call for help first, then get the person out of the deep end, into the shallow end and start resuscitation. Once you start resuscitation, you are not suppose to stop until paramedics take over. Where he is located, his neighbors probably would not hear him scream for help, so if he didn’t call for help first, then help would have never came. As for William Shatner

  23. If Shatner’s wife had drowned, what was she doing at the bottom of the pool? Bodies float, unless they are affected by a current or an undertow. Shatner told the 911 operator that his wife’s lips “were blue.” How would he know that if she was at the bottom of the pool? Great eye sight for a man who was 69 at the time.
    A preliminary autopsy revealed her system had copious amounts of alcohol, and Valium. It also showed that her neck was broken, and that her body was covered in bruises. Interestingly, Nerine remains were cremated three days after the incident. No exhumation would be possible if her family wanted an investigation.
    There’s something fishy here.
    Sorry if I sound too suspicious, but I am a licensed P.I.
    Bill Gibbons

  24. I read William Shatner’s autobiography. He didn’t jump in the pool because he noticed that the water was still, which meant that she’d been there for a while. So even if he had got her out of the pool before calling 911, she would still be dead.

  25. I read William Shatner’s autobiography. He didn’t jump in the pool because he noticed that the water was still, which meant that she’d been there for a while. So even if he had got her out of the pool before calling 911, she would still be dead.

  26. Is Shatner an alcoholic, or does he have a legitimate medical problem to explain the “butterfly” redness on his face, constant watering eyes and bloated belly? I read the “butterfly” redness and puffiness are signs of Lupus? Anybody know?

  27. Shatner killed his wife because he came home from having a state-of-the-art bespoke toupee fitted and she mocked “his” new hair. He likes to put out this jovial Mr. Harmless buffoon image, but inside he’s the same callous conquerer of worlds and lecherous seducer of green alien women he was when he was commanding the Starship Enterprise.
    A toupee has been a constant in Shatner’s life for longer than any of his wives, so it’s not surprising he values his hairpiece more than any of them. Enough to kill one for her insolence as casually as if he were zapping some unknown lifeform with a blast from his phaser.

  28. When I met him he was obviously an inferior being, so none of this surprises me.

  29. I have had to act opposite Shatner and endured many kicks and blows in fight scenes, I gave as good as I got but I don’t think Shatner’s wife could stand up to him. He has a particularly effective two-fisted strike and his flying kicks were deadly. Neck chops were another speciality of his for a quick dispatch, and I suspect it was one of these Shatner delivered to his wife’s neck before putting her in the deep end of the pool. I also saw Shatner getting drunk with green alien women and cavorting like Caligula on set. He even killed me in the end. He is Captain Kirk so I knew I was going to die when I signed to work with him. His wife should have known how dangerous he is.

  30. George Taki, and many jealous others who may feel slighted or just mad at themselves for not sticking up for themselves at the time, they feel offended or upstaged by an actor like William Shatner will say things that are their feelings, Things that may or may not be facts….But truth is the Shatner/Captain Kirk persona is the same as the child who want’s all of Mom’s attention much like the wealthy but poorly depressed Robin Williams who has been reported to have committed suicide. For some there is never enough love, patience or MONEY (Right Bill Gates!) this is also true of Corporations.

    However, all these things are a Human Condition that Gene Roddenberry hoped A shinning a light upon would awaken us to the facts that these are PRIMITAVE and dis-Honorable pitfalls of our present condition that we must overcome if we ever hope to have a beautiful future where everyone can become the profession of their choice…He himself knew his own weakness and desires were not utopian and as long as people nurse their self entitlements and the desire to let others pay for their welfare and seek only to be a mooch receiving a government stay at home “Money for Nothing” entitlement mentality, then we have already seen “As Good As it Get’s.

    Whatever, Shatner did or didn’t do wasn’t criminal…His tears and Grief may have had to be summoned by his acting skills as his wife’s Alcoholism may have assassinated those genuine feelings long ago. 18yr. old Girls marrying 52yr. olds wake up one day and the old man was a bad trade for their youth and happiness…Us old men do start to have more fun robbing problems than younger men do and real love grows in facing these age milestones together in being of the same vintage. Shatner has paid an emotional price that most of us can’t fathom…He does wish George Taki the very best in his marriage because he knows unto himself reality of the genuine rarity of as GOD instructs ” to not be unequally yoked” meaning be of same faithfulness to GOD and to you who refuse the love of GOD…This still helps you if you make sure that you marry to a person who is completely and fully in line with your own Values and is mutually in tune with all that is you! And when you still feel something is missing GOD has that piece for you as well!!!!!!!

  31. (Rarity of LOVE). AS GOD Instructs:

    Corrected line as above

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  33. (Rarity of LOVE). AS GOD Instructs:

    Corrected line as above

  34. Shatner killed his wife. I know it. He acts guilty and is always always image-managing. What needs to happen is that he is more often confronted with it, so that he will crack up. The same is true for so many other crooks. He needs to hear more often that he is coward and a creep. Why? It will make him confess.

  35. I’m an old man now but I have a story to tell. Back in the 1960’s I was parking my car when Shatner crashed into me. Enraged and with a contorted mask of a face, he attacked my car hitting it with a tire iron. He must have just finished filming because he was wearing his Captain’s uniform, which made it even more scary. I’d seen how many people he’d killed on TV. This is why I know Shatner killed his wife. He nearly killed me and when I think about that incident it gives me heart palpitations which could kill me today.

  36. I would choose my toupee over my wife. You can always get another wife but you can’t replace a good fitting toupee as easily.

  37. He did pull her out. He called 911 also. People will criticize him no matter what he did. If he didn’t call 911 that would be suspicious. If he did call 911 then he’s criticized for that too.

    Listen, she was at the bottom of the pool. That means she needs an EMT. By the time you’re lying at the bottom of the pool you won’t survive if you are simply pulled out. You need EMTs to try and revive you. So the very first thing Shatner should have done is dial 911, which is what he did. Then he should have pulled her out, which is what he did.

    He also dropped the call and pulled her out as soon as he knew 911 had the info and would be on its way. Staying on the call any longer would just be a waste of precious time.

    So, as much as I find WS to be a jerk in a lot of ways, I cannot fault his behavior here. He did the right things in the right order.

  38. I happen to work in the field of psychology as a professor of elderly years at an esteemed university and I’ve consulted several of my peers about this issue. Most are agreed that Shatner killed his wife. This is based on Shatner’s mental connection to the Captain Kirk character and its importance to Shatner’s ego producing the behaviour of a psychopath with schitzophrenic tendencies.

  39. I can speak with authority on this subject and attest to just how difficult it is to prove Shat killed his wife when he is a fellow actor and a violent man just like me.

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