Lena Dunham considers herself a feminist and her accomplishments in creative writing and production are a credit to her sex. Plus she’s not ashamed to take off her clothes on TV and show off her very average body. That alone made women everywhere feel better about themselves. Of course, getting an invitation to appear on the cover of Vogue from Anna Wintour herself, must have been an exhilarating moment for Lena. But in her excitement did she forget all her principles? Lena’s Vogue photos are FAR from natural and liberally photoshopped, something that would have offended Lena at one time. It would have been a miracle of feminism to have an UNRETOUCHED woman on a Vogue cover and Lena lost that chance. If you haven’t seen her retouched pix, click HERE

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  1. Never before have so many untalented Jews been brought to the forefront of the entertainment Industry. Granted this Woman at least writes some of her own material but how can anyone justify Jonah Hill being nominated for his SECOND oscar? What is happening in America?

  2. The photoshop tweaks are minimal compared to others but was it her choice to do it or was it the editor’s decision?

  3. She’s hideous and I agree with the second comment Jewpotism is alive and well in Hollywood. Promoting all these fat ugly people. I don’t care what religion someone is in Hollywood, as long as they’re relatively good looking and talented. Jonah hill and this other blob Lena are not talented.

  4. “FAR from natural and liberally photoshopped” my ass. Have you even looked at your own link Janet? Good grief. I was expecting some “Disney” style work on these photos but really, more like tidying than anything else. Jez wasted $10gs and made themselves look like idiots. In the end, as far as Vogue and Lena are concerned… this whole ado has been priceless!

  5. Totally agree with what Juxtapose and Sherry Lynee said. Totally. Never before so many talentless Jews have been shoved down our throats and paraded like that. There were times when Jews were really talented or at least good looking. Those times are clearly gone….

  6. Poor Pied Piper…..And lack of reference to the threads but instead to children’s television.

  7. Extremely knarly….is she a card carrying lesbo or still undercover?

  8. She’s not a lesbian strom. She’s been in a long term relationship with a member of the band fun! (a male) whose name I cannot remember.

  9. try to stay on topic Strom, and remember honey, being gay isn’t your fault, it’s totally ok

  10. Add: OCD
    In fact, add everything in the DSM-V in sexual delusion and deviation.
    Oh, what the hell, the entire manual!

  11. Why is she holding her head and tugging at her collar? Is this supposed to mean something?

  12. When I initially left a comment I seem to have clicked the -Notify me
    when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on each time a comment
    is added I recieve 4 emails with the exact same
    comment. Perhaps there is an easy method you can remove me from that
    service? Thank you!

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