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Diana Ross was barely recognizable in the checkout line at Ralph’s in West Hollywood – she was dressed way down in sweats and no make-up. But that mass of HAIR was a dead giveaway. She took her purchases and hopped into a black PT Cruiser.

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  1. She looks awesome.
    Bet she’d like to give that little Michael a pointy boot up the ass.

  2. She looks totally recognizable. What is she supposed to wear ro the market? An evening gown! Oye Vey!

  3. I hope she’s not broke again.
    PT Cruiser???
    …..piece of junk cheap rental cars worth 10K

  4. She is not broke… She had the same investment person as Jaqueline Onassis and was worth 100 million dollars. 10 years ago. Also, remember the large divorce settlement from Arne Naess for the two children. Even dressed down there is more charisma than Beyonce…look at the worry in her face.

  5. wendy williams READ this item and the 2 items posted above this one on her radio program today.
    of course, williams did not cite janetchartonshollywood.com as her reference.. she “forgot”.

    Really Dear get a life,and not mine……Oye Vey.

  7. Poor Diana Ross.She looks worse than a Brittneys loose lips…..Oye Vey

  8. Hopper!
    I’m trying to eat my porridge here…yuck.
    Diana looks amazing! I’d give her a rumble in a minute!

  9. This poor shpug looks like dreck.Someone take her to the hairdresser or get her a new maids outfit.

  10. Diana Ross is TIRED. PLAYED OUT. She needs to cut that mop hairweave and come into the millenium! Never thought she could sing either.

  11. Poor old Diana. I was there, in fact I took the photo. Diana went to the 10 items or less express checkout lane, and she had 24 items: one case of Bud Light beer!
    Oh, I’m sorry, make that 25 items. I forgot the Slim Jim beef stick!

  12. I’ve seen her there! It’s the Ralphs directly across from the more upscale Bristol farms. Good for her, that she doesn’t care where she shops.

  13. I think Diana Ross is great, and that she looks good in this photo. I think it’s sad that we all have so little to do in our own lives…

  14. She looks amazing for her
    age probably a nip and tuck!
    She is 64

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  18. Yet another Diana Ross shopping thread….it is nearly as common as a KIM KARDASHIASN HAS A NEW BLACK BOYFRIEND thread!

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