In case you didn’t know, Adam Lambert has been in London promoting his music and making TV and nightclub appearances. He seems to have quite a following of fans there and says he wouldn’t mind moving to the UK. He shopped all over town- was seen in Top Man -and judging from this photo, the UK has influenced him and refined his look.

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  1. Hey, I don’t give a shit about his personal/sexual life, what bothers me is the way he “sings” and shouts and screams instead of hits a high note. He sticks his tongue out like he’s at the dentist saying a wide “AHHH”!!! That’s NOT singing, that’s yelling and many man ypeople have complained about the very same thing. I think his kind of performance is better suited for the stage and off broadway.

  2. to: Reta,

    If you don’t like Adam’s music, you simply do not have to listen or go check out his news. All respectable musicians and many people around the world know how talented Adam is and loves his amazing voice and great personality. When Adam hits high notes, he have to put the tongue out (he was trained professionally). Please if you don’t know what you are talking about, keep your uneducated opinion by yourself. And also do not insult people on Stage and Broadway. They are all talented artists.

  3. I totally agree with Reta. I don’t think she does listen to his music, maybe other than the screams and yelling he emitted on Amer. Idol.

    As to his tongue, eye makeup and hairdo, I guess this is THE look that drives fellow fags crazy with lust.

    Everyone of course is entitled to his/her opinion.

  4. he was chanced into a TRANS-SEXUAL?
    these are really americans?

  5. This faggot has and will be a success (in this earthly life). And that is because producers, directors, choreographers, voice coaches, those on Broadway and off Broadway are mostly faggots. The casting couch is alive and well in the underbelly of show biz. He will get lots of gigs and become even more famous…….in this earthly life. But be sure, woes are to come.

  6. I like the look he’s got going in this picture. I know who he is, but don’t know his music (I stopped watching Idol back in season 5). I prefer this look to the one where he’s dressed like a member of KISS. But I’m also not in his demographic, so it really doesn’t matter in the end, does it…

  7. Oh, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE move to the UK, PLEASE!!! And take your obnoxious loud mouthed middle aged hot flashing polyester wearing fans with you. This guy is a self-important asshole.

  8. Yes, please do go live in the U.K. The USA is already over-loaded with HIV and STD’s.

  9. I notice the majority of posters to this point, for various reasons, don’t care for the guy.

    I don’t care for him because his style, reminiscent of Kiss, Elton John (younger days), etc, is dated and old-fashioned.

    I also stopped watching Idol after his season because it was so obvious the show’s judges and bigwigs were biased in favor of him.

  10. He does NOT have to stick his tongue out to sing, nobody else does, it’s all for show. Even Ellen Degeneres told him to put that thing away

  11. I don’t understand his appeal. He doesn’t play an instrument or write his own lyrics/music, he just performs Kara Diguardi throwaway songs Pink didn’t want. There is nothing original about him at all and I find that tranny makeup gross. Wash your face Adam and trim your brows, you look like that kid from the Adams family.

  12. Dear God what sort of people are you to post such hate and homophobic comments about a young man that has shown nothing but good grace and manners to all he meets. He is a talented singer who happens to be gay and for that he has to put up with the most disgusting comments posted on various blogs and forums.Grow up people and target your hate against rapists,murderers and peodphiles they are the ones who deserve it. I am from the UK and every interviwer and journelist without acception who met Adam commented on how respectful and polite he was and also what a fantastic voice he has,they cant all be wrong!

  13. Don’t care about his so-called lovelife, just hate the way he acts.

  14. Thank you to “coluk” from UK.

    I am Canadian and I would like to say the same as you do. Adam is well loved and respected in Canada also. It’s hard to believe some people go into Adam’s news site and bash him for what?? If I am not interested in any artist or don’t like, I don’t waste my valuable time to look at it. In this world, we need some love and peace…please people do not use such harsh words. Adam is very talented and rising star, and he is great entertainer and performer. I truly wish, in the future all these negativities and hateful words against him to be stopped. Thank you.

  15. UK approves homosexuality whole-heartedly, so he should go there and stay there. For the ones who like his voice, well and fine. For those who believe Romans, Chapter 1, last 10 verses (Christianity) have a right to believe the way they care to.

    I do not in any way feel hate for this young man. Regardless of his orientation, he is very personable.

  16. What a bunch of suck ups. Why do you run around “defending” Adam on these types of sites? What do you wish to gain from that? That he’ll come to your home and want to bang you? We’re allowed to think he sucks, this is America where people are entitled to have their own opinion.

  17. Funny how all the hate comments sound the same for each article where Adam is mentioned. Must get tiring to stalk Adam Lambert articles just to comment. Jealous much Kris Allen and David Cook fans ???

    Adam Lambert has more class in his little finger than all of you haters combined. Haters crawl back in the closet where you belong. Your insecurities are showing.

  18. @Maria: Why do you run around commenting how much you hate Adam on these types of sites? What do you wish to gain from that? That other people will form the same opinion as yours? We’re allowed to think he’s great, this is America where people are entitled to have their own opinion.

  19. I like Adam’s music alright. And his style is straight up fly.

    What is wrong with you people? If you don’t like, don’t listen. But the dude seems to be alright. He does charity work, gets on with his coworkers and fans say hes always nice.

    I wouldn’t normally post in this kinda thing but I was all like wut wut? I’m feelin him feeling his song right now. Damn.

  20. OMG I’m a homophobe if I don’t think Adam is the second coming of Elvis! Omg!!! Call the political correctness police!

  21. I don’t in any wa y care about his sexual preferences. But I DO think his singing needs to be tweeked, as I said, the tongue sticking out deal is stupid and unnessessary. The lead singer of Queen (also gay) didn’t need to do that, and hit hit the highest notes and was a very flamboyant performer. I loved him and all his songs and his group was fantastic.

    I think Adam is just overly over the top in a rediculous way and it doesn’t do a thing to help his singing voice or style. I’m not insulting stage performers at all when I say he’d be better off performing on stage, because they use that broad theatrical type of performance that Adam uses. In FACT Adam DID start in stage work. I think he’s more cut out for that that pop or rock is all.

  22. People didn’t care about Freddie Mercury being gay because he didn’t shove it in people’s faces and demand we all kiss his ass about it plus he was a great performer. Adam is cheesy and unoriginal and I am bothered by his whining about the bscklash over his gay sex performance. He chose to be gross and disrespectful so take it like a man and stop whining. No one wants to see a live sex show on network tv.

  23. To “ReallyNow”, “I’m so embarrassed to be an American.”. Please take your embarrassment and try another country. Only thing I am embarrassed about is the amount of homophobia and hate in these comment pages. If you hate Adam so much why are you reading an article on his performances. Next time you see an article on Adam Lambert don’t read it and hit the small X in the header. If you want to be embarrassed, be so with all of the hate that is being spewed. Grow up and live and let live.

  24. Tim you should be embarassed to be such a whiny ahole. Get a pair already. I’m fed up with all the heterophobia, maybe I should get up on a soapbox and start whining and complaining like a freaking baby too.

  25. “Tim” probably isn’t a “Tim” at all, probably just a middle aged woman who spends her entire day on the internet defending the overrated transvestite that is Adam Lambarf. Most of his fans do nothing all day but Google him and comment on every stupid fucking article about him. His fans will ruin him, just like the did with Clay Aiken and David Cook. The fans of these reality show contestants are bat shit crazy, but not can hold a candle to the “Glamberts”. They’re all fucking nuts. And to think most of them are grandmothers.

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