dancing with obama.jpg
Photo via Richard Mineards
Aren’t all popularity contests just about the same? Cute picture, huh!

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  1. very cute picture, they somehow look like they go together well

  2. On the contrary, I think it’s a great photo.
    Janet, thanks for my smile of the week!

  3. I got this in an email today. Tooooo funny! Barry looks so gay.

  4. Janet, I thought this was a gossip site? There is nothing but strange things here, no gossip.

  5. kudos for the photo credit Janet. We are still watching you…..

  6. Obama should stick to dancing around his radical past as to assure a McPalin win………

  7. LOL dems picked a candidate with less experience than Palin yet they think he can win .

  8. while the media entertains you obama and acorn are stealing the elections.

  9. Great pic…love to laugh.
    Everyone is so divisive and bitter… Why dig around and make up connections and insinuations that are not there and make your political choice based on the substance of their plans of actions.

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