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Courteney Cox and David Arquette hosted a fund-raiser at Kitson to raise money for the charity Omnipeace with the ambitious goal of ending poverty in Africa. The T-shirts they’re wearing are being sold (not given away – even to celebrities) at Kitson for $65 and half the profits go to the charity. So if you see any famous people walking around wearing the Omnipeace shirts you know they actually PAID for them and have a social conscience!

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  1. They haven’t looked happy together for years. With all her Friends dough she can afford to do something for the less fortunate.

  2. With half the profits going to charity, Kitson is still raking in a pretty penny — at least half of $32.50 or more, depending on how much markup is on the manufacturer’s price. Now we have to watch more Hollywood assholes wearing this shirt and shopping at this cheesy store and Kitson gets free publicity. Kitson’s doesn’t do anything for charity, just publicity.

  3. I agree that someone is still making a hefty profit. I’m not too impressed.

  4. Charity for Africa is a big waste of time. Any time you make life easier for Africans, they just use the extra to pump out more babies, stressing natural resources even more and increasing, not decreasing, poverty.
    The only charity Africa needs is some MAJOR birth control!

  5. I am sick of all the posers who buy the fake charity matter what the “cause” is..its like remember the whole save the rainforests thing? like if you buy the really expensive chocolate bar half of one percent is going to be donated to somebody…all those fakers made a hefty profit. what the hell has been done for the rainforests? what their trees were harvested to make wood floors for the righ and famous? and as far as donating money to aftica…africa is rich in really has everything it needs to make itself sustainable and have the ability to create a higher standard of living. the thing is (and why i dont donate) is that all the donations go to the dictator leaders of the african countries who live like kings and who could give a rats ass about their own people. the leaders are despicable people and the politicians and leaders are corrupt. so i guess a person could feel like they did something to help the world by buying a tshirt? hello? hello? lame. better to focus the charitable efforts on america and americans. america needs help and i wish we would help our own because they need it.

  6. why not have the celebrities get everybody to donate to their local food bank, to work with habitat for humanity, to voluntter in your town or city.
    theres more, i am sure…
    there are a lot of americans (legal, naturalized, and born in the usa) who need help. id like to see americans getting back to being proud of being american (no political sides in here) america needs to come together.

  7. Why don’t these people just go there and do the hard physical labor, supply them with things they need, allow them church and school, jobs.. set up elected governments that will fairly rule them and help them get something done about their stagnant growth rather than wear a stupid shirt or carry a cutsie designer bag and give the money over to the next dictator or to some rich researchers do research for AIDS.

  8. I would love to know where these t-shirts are made. Are they coming from a sweatshop or from a company that pays a living wage?

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