Colin Firth is all over the place and he’s Best Actor Oscar front runner for “The King’s Speech,” so we were particularly interested to learn that he and actress Meg Tilly (Yes, Jennifer Tilly’s sister) were a couple for six years. Colin and Meg fell in love when they filmed “Valmont” together and they moved into a log cabin in a remote area of Canada. In 1990, they had a son named Will, but Colin couldn’t get an acting job to save his life. All the theater groups in Vancouver turned him down. Meg was happy living in isolation but eventually Colin had to go back to London for work and the relationship ended in 1995.


  1. That’s funny. I remember when Jennifer Tilly was referred to as “you know, Meg Tilly’s sister”.

  2. “Remote area of Canada?” Jeez, they were a little bit outside of Vancouver, a major city. I know this is from a British article and not Janet’s fault but I get tired of news outlets acting like everyone in Canada lives in a “remote” area. If you look at statistics, most of us live in cities: with running water and toilets and airports and even hospitals. Ok, end of rant.
    Colin sure is cute in that picture. What a baby face.

  3. People seem to take so lightly commitments, especially when kids are involved. it’s always so easy to just say this isn’t working and leave, and there comes the revolving door (Kate Hudson, anyone?).

    Tilly was a good actress, but never seems to get anything, maybe just not interested? Maybe they could have BOTH gone where they could get work, but then with what actors get paid nowadays one wonders when they will ever have enough money and just stop and sit back and enjoy their lives. (Brad & Ang). I mean, how the hell much money do you possibly need? Relax, have a cup of coffee.

  4. meg became an accomplished author and published 3 books, most about childhood sexual abuse.
    check her out on amazon and see for your self.
    brave lady.

  5. You did manage to pull up something. So, where is Will today and what other kids does Colin have? Is Meg still living in the outskirts of the very remote (snicker) city of Vancouver? Having lived very near there I can’t imagine actor types at that age saying, “ah, yes, Vancouver”, Canawood, Baliwood, they aren’t Hollywood, would have been better off in London right out of the gate, I say.

  6. I bet those theatre groups in Vancouver are kicking themselves in the ass now.

  7. This is cool!! I like this kind of gossip. This is the first I have heard of this relationship. Colin is a great actor, and from what I can remember Ms Tilly was pretty good as well. She was definately better than her sister Jennifer aka “Bride of Chucky”

  8. Muffin: you’re so right. Meg WAS very very good as I recall. I always sat up and paid attention when she was in something. Her sister however only has a rack and eeky voice which I’m sure as she ages gets even creepier. Plus she acts like a complete and total loon on talk shows. I’ll bet you she’s DONE!

  9. I remember Meg Tilly in The Big Chill. She was famous for awhile. But I never knew she and Colin were a couple….guess they weren’t into the Hollywood scene.

  10. Will is living in London with Colin, Livia and his brothers, and attending Drama School. If any of you really knew anything about Colin Firth, half of the comments posted here wouldn’t be. His relationship with Meg, and his son, are not new news and FWIW, Colin still considers Meg’s kids (from her first marriage) as his step-children (he helped raise them for 5 years,)even mentioning such on talk shows/interviews. He attended Emily’s college graduation, a couple years ago, and, just recently, David’s wedding. He has kept in touch and visited them whenever he visited Will (which was often)
    He did not take the break-up lightly, as someone implied. It just didn’t work out.
    Will has not been hidden, either. He has been at many of Colin’s Premieres and attends the Toronto Film Festival fairly regularly. He was at a Premiere (at TIFF) I attended in 2008 (in the audience, not far from where I was seated)

  11. She used to sell ice cream in the old D.Q. around the corner from my house.
    Apparently was a very good actress in the high school school drama club my girls will attend. Belmont.

  12. Chiming in on Meg’s abilities as an actress: She was very good in “Valmont” (with Colin); she played the role that Michelle Pfeiffer played in “Dangerous Liaisons.”

    In fact, there may be no better example of two contemporaneous movie projects that used the same source material to make individually excellent productions.

    Even now, many years later, Both V and DL stand out as two exceptional films.

    See Colin also in “Another Country” which came out just before Valmont, and the lesser-known BBC production of “Pride and Prejudice.” Colin also became involved with his leading lady from that project (can’t recall her name, but she’s a terrific English actress with that unusual Asian look, somewhat similar to Meg).

  13. Oh, and three words about Jennifer Tilly: “Bullets over Broadway” (in which her character is “bumped off” simply because she’s a lousy actress!)—HILARIOUS 🙂

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