On the first day of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, Robert Redford singled out Paris Hilton and her “ilk” as a destructive force for the event. He admitted the film festival had been “sliding” for the past few years and he blamed the marketeers who took over houses and spaces on Main Street at absurdly inflated rental prices to hand out their swag. He said “You end up with people like Paris Hilton here who have nothing to do with us.” Unfortunately, that year, Paris was already THERE when he made these remarks, and she had tons of empty suitcases ready to be greedily filled up with free stuff. THIS year, for the first time in memory, Paris didn’t embarrass herself by showing up at the 2011 festival and loading up on freebies. Maybe Robert Redford got through to her.



  1. We can all hope to be so lucky!!!

    Miss Hilton’s 15 min were up 1/2 past The Simple Life.

  2. Oh, that we could all believe this headline Janet! Can you and Robert make it global and retroactive? Pretty please???

  3. Not a Paris Hilton fan, but Redford’s comment demeaning her like he did was out of line. If she didn’t have a ticket, she couldn’t have gotten in, and if she didn’t belong there, she would have been escorted out. He started Sundance so I can understand him feeling protective of it, but it’s not like it’s an invitation only affair, and this is still a free country. Even Joe Schmoe from Kokomo can get first crack at tickets and invitations to things like receptions, private screenings, etc. at Sundance if he becomes a ‘patron’ by donating at least $1,200. If he wouldn’t say the same thing about a patron (and you know he wouldn’t), then what he’s really fuming about is the money being funneled into coffers other than his.

  4. Paris could go to the dollar store and get herself a pair of funny glasses with a nose to disguise herself so she wouldn’t be recognized in Las Vegas, Utah, at “friend’s” weddings, and at her relatives’ homes, all the places she’s not welcome.

  5. I can’t stand Paris Hilton, but on the other hand, I can’t fault celebrities (however dubious their celebrity status) for taking the freebies that are offered to them. They’re not stealing stuff, and it’s not as if sponsors are going to give things away to unknown needy people.

  6. She can’t get caught in possession again while on probation.. no reason to make the trip and troll for a profit. haha

  7. Bettye & Seriously?: I couldn’t possibly agree with you more! She’s completely worn out her shank-welcome, no?

    And just when did all this “swag-bag” crap start anyway? I think it’s pretty recent relatively. Insane idea, flooding the rich with free riches!

  8. I like Redford and Sundance, but it is a bit hipocritical of him to say this about Paris, when his daughter Shauna, was doing drugs at CU in Boulder and her boyfriend was murdered….and the DA kept a lot of evidence covered up to protect the Redford name in the press… yeah, he did “drugs” in Hollywood; his daughter did too; and now he’s insulting Paris Hilton……(who deserves to be insulted so it’s all good, Robert.)

  9. I guess I’m in the minority, since I never cared much for Redford.

    BTW, what’s wrong with Paris’ left eye? Maybe the botox hit a nerve, which happened to Dana Delaney, causing her eye to droop.

  10. Free is where it is at and some people really don’t need the stuff but on the other hand maybe she is giving the stuff to other people who need the items unless you like having massive amount of things around your House to enjoy and for her time it is worth it to a large degree..But free is meant to be or there will be no time for her to be?

  11. When you offer her something for free only then you get her time…Her time is worth money and she wants something and is that life. Sir Robert Redfords is wonderful on many level and his acting will blow you away and my GrandMother really loved him to Death and her name was Beatrice Eugena Smith…She had a major crush on him and never stopped loving him until her dieing day.

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