Christian Bale looks like a time bomb ready to explode. He’s had this stern, controlled look on his face since The Dark Knight opened and the spectacular boxoffice results did NOTHING to change it! The fact that his mother and sister charged him with some sort of abuse in London deepens the mystery. They certainly didn’t show up at his premier. We think Christian is sick and tired of fans asking him for autographs and talking incessantly about scene stealing Heath Ledger. If anyone asks Bale one more time “What was it like to work with Heath?” he’s going to GO POSTAL! We just hope cameras are there.

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  1. I KNOW!!! You just know his mom and sister were going on and on about how GREAT Heath was and how lucky he (bale) was to be in HEATH’S final film….Dude looks like his head’s going to explode a la “Scanners” Any day now…

  2. I actually feel bad for Christian Bale. After filming the first Batman, instead of having conversations about the work he put into the film, he was fielding questions about Tom and Katie. It was basically a Tom and Katie love-fest and the Batman movie played secondary to it (and Christian Bale played even further behind that). What a bummer after all of that hard work. And then now that Heath Ledger has died…well, Christian is facing the same problem. It’s a Heath Ledger love-fest and, again, Christian is stuck talking about something other than his work in the film. I have to admit, I would feel pretty beaten up internally; a sort of , “why me” attitude . Is it the right attitude to have? No, certainly not. But I’m human and that “why me” feeling is going creep in every now and then. And then now he’s finally getting some press and, unlike Heath Ledgers Oscar Buzz, his is negative. That’s gotta suck.

  3. 6:59 you bring up many valid points. I’m agreeing with your analysis!

  4. From what I’ve read, he never had much of a relationship with his mother/sister. He grew up with his father in California. Perhaps their relationship had something to do with the situation. I don’t know . . . thoughts?

  5. He has never had a relationship with his mom. His Dad raised him. He tried to be a good guy and invite them to his LONDON PREMIERE and look what happens. They are trying to capitailize on his fame now. I bet he didnt even touch them. Poor guy get such success and all his questions will be about Heath and being an accused batterer.. and of his Mum which is really makes him look bad. But when the facts come out everyone will see he didnt do anything.

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