It’s officially OVER for Cher and her former Hell’s Angel boyfriend Tim >Medvetz. On paper they SEEMED like a cool couple – he’s 6’6, 220 pounds and both have a penchant for black leather. Tim was described as “a real man who smokes Camels and drinks Jack Daniel’s.” Apparently he wasn’t all that attentive when she was performing in Las Vegas and he didn’t like waiting around backstage. He took off on a long road trip out of the country and that was that. When The Enquirer wrote that they were “getting married,” it probably freaked both of them out.

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  1. Just another freak show.
    “The White House will become the Muslim House”
    Dr. Ahamad Dilwad Islamic center NY
    see the movie “Obsession” with your family.

  2. Never would have worked; just the initial newness, especially for Tim. Cher is already so totally used to toy-boys.

  3. Janet, you seem to be referring to the ‘Enquirer’ for many of your posts. I think your readers are more interested in some of your more exclusive gossip scoops that come from your team. You know the ‘we’ you mention all the time…..

  4. Cher, you rock. Men come and go, but your style, and starpower last forwever.
    Cher was the oldest female rocker to have a number one pop hit–Believe.
    Cher was the female singer with longest span in between number one hits–Dark Lady 1974 and Believe 1998.
    Cher has won the Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and god knows what else.
    And don’t forget some of Cher’s conquests over the years–Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer (both when they were hot and young), Rob Camaleti (bagel boi) and many others not to mention the now gay John Barrowman.
    You Rock Cher!!!

  5. Cher looks great in that photo. I love her voice. Does she need songs for her new cd?

  6. Cher looks great in that photo. I love her voice. Does she need songs for her new cd?

  7. cher is so so so so so sexylisous. by the way who dont want to marry her. but she need to stay that make-up on.

  8. Cher is spotted with this dude again. From what I’ve heard, they hang with the same people and are really just friends through the mutual friends. Why do Cher’s fans think she’s a rocker? She has never been good at that kind of thing. She was always a pop queen and now she’s just an aged icon. She’ll disappear after Vegas and as I understand it, her show is not doing gangbusters anyway.

  9. Cher, you stand out alone. I dont see you behind, Sonnie, and your other husbands, boyfriends.

    Your a great entertainer, and actress.
    Outstanding performances, in Silkwood, Moonstruck, more.

    Id like to see, on TV on a Saturday night some Christmas specials, taped in Early November, like the old classics. Maybe, under the” All I Want for Christmas is you,” show ,Mariah Carey. Special Guest Stars

    Great to be on that Xmas show and more guest starts. We need the Christmas Spirit more and more, because darkness has set in, for the last 25 yrs. Creeping ever so more. Great Cheer, Generosity Gifts for the Under 18. Elderly a nice xmas Visit and sit with them singing carols under the tree, in an assisted living facility. So Sad. Nobody visits, many dont care. The sick etc poorb

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