Chelsea Handler might be advised not to put 50 Cent in her rear view mirror too hastily. The two were linked until Chelsea showed up at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah with Uma Thurman’s exboyfriend Andre Balazs. Chelsea reportedly had her paws all over Andre, who owns seven hip hotels in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. And he has at least one girl in every port. The highly desirable Balazs (masters degree from Columbia Univ, among other things) enjoys attention from many women and makes it clear he has not intention of settling down with one. Chelsea’s not used to being just one of the pack.



  1. Nice looking Man Too bad CH is such a biyatch. She is too raw and abrasive for any man.

    Hey, maybe her and Aniston should get together.

  2. she just want WHITE kids.
    (the united states)

  3. Why didnt she try this out before she went after the black rapper? He should run.

  4. strom: so are you saying that she is “tainted” if she had sex with a black man, and therefore no white man should touch her afterwards? Who died and made YOU God? Indy?

  5. Gerard/Bill/etc: Please don’t toss around your ignorance so freely. If you MUST make a comment try to at least ACT like you know something. Chelsea Handler has said repeatedly she doesn’t WANT kids, so whether she were with a black man, white man, or purple with yellow spots it would really matter now, would it?

    And YOU call America “racist” and yet you and strom are the two vilest putrid excuses for human beings on the entire planet.

    By the way you moron, do your homework, YOU have “Black” blood in you as does every human on this planet, seeing that all human life originated from specifically Africa and branched out morphing into what we now see after thousands and thousands of years of evolution. (Or haven’t you ever heard that word before)? Dumbshit! Go get your DNA tested before you spew your so-called “purity” crap. Might be interesting to see exactly what you DO have in you, (besides the big black guy plunging behind you right now).

  6. Chelsea is a fun person, and I like her show and her sense of humor. She also has some pretty good “regulars” on her show. I could do without “Chuey” and the dog “Chunk” just because it seems to be a waste of time, and I’d like the panel part to be longer because that’s the best part of her show with the give and take between them all.

    I don’t give a shit WHO she’s dating, or what color they are. She’s single and having fun, and men have been doing exactly what she’s doing now forever and no one blinked but let a woman enjoy sex openly, not hurting anyone in the process, and suddenly she’s wearing bright red letters on her forehead. The double-standard should be long dead by now but there is truly no equality on this planet as reading this site proves to me over and over. makes me sick.

  7. PS: to all those still in the dark ages: women LOVE sex…but we want GOOD sex, not lazy minute men, or guys who don’t know the meaning of foreplay, or just expect to lay back and have done TO THEM. You guys need to actively JOIN IN because WE want to be blown away TOO! There, I said it!

  8. can you go find something else to do. other than pollute posts with you long and drawn out ramblings?

  9. I’d like to have me some of that there good foreplay with the lovely Miss Reta. After all a her mooin and oinkin was over for me I’d let my soul brothers take their turns.
    Girl wouldn’t shit right for a month.

  10. Prozac doesnt seem to be working it seems.

    Most white guys wont be interested except those who are in it for a very short term. See the Paula Abdul syndrome.

  11. Hey, “Reta Lives”..if you don’t like what I have to say, you don’t have to read it. And by the way, there are other people on here who leave “long” messages, but I’m the only one anybody ever mentions. It’s a public forum, even the asshole racists and homophobes are favorites here, so rock on asshole and join the club! And if reading “long” remarks make you sick, go back to your “Jack & Jane” primers if you want one word per page dialog. Geez!

  12. This kind of PR-generated nugget (maybe true, probably not) is exactly what Chelsea’s repellent personality needs to stay out front.

    Andre, on the other hand, would do better to catch a bad case of crabs. Rich, handsome, successful. He can date ANYONE he wants in NY—male or female (and by some accounts, he has! :))

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