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Jennifer Aniston just laughed it off when she heard she’d been nominated for a Razzie award for Worst Actress in “The Bounty Hunter.” (Her costar Gerard Butler was nominated for Worst Actor.) Why shouldn’t she laugh? She earns 27 million dollars a year from movies, Friends residuals, and Smart Water. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if she showed up to collect the award in person.


  1. I smell jealousy in the previous posters. I love JA. She sure as heck is better than the blood-storing life-sucking vampira that Brad is with.

    Razzie – no razzie. Who cares? It’s hardly the end of the world. It’s not like everything I’ve done in my professional career turned out well. How about you?

    Rock on Jennifer and keep on smilin’!

  2. I bet she shows up too, just like Halle Berry did. It shows she has a sense of humor and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

  3. From the frontal view, the chin is a tad too long and I’m sure she knows it, because you usually see her from the side. I guess there is no plastic surgery for chin-shortening. Also, those are extensions.

    Beachy, I for one am not jealous of Jenn and rather like her. I hate to say this, but most would say Angie has a prettier face. And, Ang is definitely a nut case and all else you said.

  4. Denise, you are completely right. She DOES have a really great sense of humor. I wish that movie would have done better, and with Gerard Butler you’d think it would have. I think it’s the scripts she’s been getting. They are nothing more than TV movies and the public can smell it. But that’s not HER fault, it’s her manager’s for not getting her better offers.

    The first time I ever saw Butler in anything was Phantom of the Opera, and he literally blew me away. Amazing that he can sing like that, and yet, has he sung since then? I haven’t heard of anything. He needs to do it tho.
    And Jen needs to get a great script that’s a drama so she can prove she can act. Enough with the light & fluffy.

    Also, I don’t think there IS any chin surgery they could do, it would be horribly invasive if there was, horrible scars and pain, not to mention dangerous. I admire her for NOT being a plastic-faced anorexic like most of Hollywood. And she still has one of the best bodies in Hollywood. I don’t think Angie is any prettier than Jen, it’s just a different TYPE of beauty. Add in Ang’s crazy past of drugs, blood vials, brother kissing, and child purchasing among numerous other weird things, I’d take Jen over her in a heartbeat. At least Jen is a normal woman and doesn’t go around screwing other women’s husbands (Brad) or fiance’s (Billy Bob). I’ll see a Jen film, but I won’t watch an ANG for free at home. She makes me sick to even look at her. FAKE, phony anorexic freak!

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