We had an unexpectedly enchanting experience tonight and it didn’t happen in Hollywood – it took place in an enormous tent in Burbank, California. The show is called Cavalia Odysseo and it features incredible acrobats, aerialists, dancers, horse riders, music and vocalists, but the most captivating performers were the 67 beautifully trained horses. The best moments of this show featured these exquisite horses running free on stage in choreographed groups. It’s amazing how sensitive they were to subtle commands. Anyone who loves horses should see this show soon – it’s only in town for a few weeks…

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  1. The show is amazing,I recommend to see it.Beautiful setting,horses and acrobatics.

  2. I would love to see that, but I’m no where near Ca. I’ve always felt that horses are among God’s greatest and most beautiful creations and are not given enough credit for what they’ve done for mankind. It’s a shame what is being done to our wild horses and a shame that some people are trying to bring back horse slaughter in the US (Oklahoma has a bill on fast track now).

  3. I wouldn’t watch this show if you paid me… The dancers are fugly and I hate horses -_-

  4. Has that lawsuit over intellectual property been settled yet? The original idea for Cavalia was introduced in the form of an application for a Canada Council arts grant. The choreography was turned down for funding, then someone from the CC jury took her idea and produced it. I am unclear of the details, but taking her idea without offering compensation or even participation in what turned into a huge, worldwide artistic and financial success story seems unfair.

  5. I think I’ma go see it! I’ve been watching a lot of depressing movies lately and I NEED something different. I CANT LIVE WITHOUT MOVIES! Hey Janet what else is good out there?

  6. I like talking about it. I just would hate watching it… Cavalia Odysseo movie is going to suck…

  7. I saw it, two years ago while on vacation in Montreal with my two oldest kids, it was magnificent. Highly recommended !

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