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Why magazines and tabloids keep accusing Catherine Zeta-Jones of having gobs of plastic surgery, we don’t know. She looks incredibly natural and pretty strolling around New York where she’s working on her next romantic comedy “The Rebound.” And after all, she’s still in her thirties. Her husband Michael Douglas is way ahead of her when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

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  1. She’s gorgeous. What she’s doing with the old man, I don’t know. He must treat her like a princess, is all I can say.

  2. Michaels pickup line was, “I want to father your children”. Just another gold digger who saw $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ signs.
    Wonder what sleepin with grandpa is like, eh Catherine.

  3. Zeta Jones has been 34 for the last 15 years.
    the age she gives doesn’t add up, the math makes no sense.

  4. Catherine had her own big buck$…not as much as Michael had, of course. Now, together they are MEGA$. I never understood why she would hook up with that old man, with a past history of adultery, sex addiction, etc. With her looks, she could have a younger, albeit not as rich, man. I guess he’ll keep looking young with plastic surgery, which he has already indulged in.

  5. I’m great with numbers; but she has really taken to this new math

  6. Hey everybody I’m sorry for being the resident troll misogynist homophobe… that’s why I am impersonating Art Chic@4:29, I can’t help myself.

  7. Janet this is a very clever post of yours you know how to stir things up for the week-end.
    Of course CZJ isn’t in her 30’s she got busted when she visited the White House with Micheal a ways back she is in her 40’s.
    Also, Micheal has a thing for black ladies and keeps several as mistreses he got his taste for brown sugar down in the bahamas where his mother has a home…

  8. Catherine is 38 years old and will be 39 in September 2008. Michael will be 64 in September 2008. When he was 25, she was just born.

  9. NOPE, she can’t help it.
    Marry an “HOME FOR THE ELDERLY” patient yourself!!

  10. She seems too “mature” for a 38 year-old.

  11. The buzz around town is that CZJ is WAY older than her “claimed age.” And she’s had plenty of surgeries — she’s just getting the good kind. Just saying, Janet … Plus, isn’t she supposed to also be a super-be-yotch?

  12. first of all she’s absolutely gooorgeous… now to the age thing..we all know that MD’s 25 years older than her and his early 60s so she really has to be late 30s oh and btw. she was in west-end productions when she was a teen…itadds up

  13. Although she had a pretty face, she could not get a rich young guy in Hollywood. She even said the guys she dated made her pay the way as they did not work. She knew exactly what hooking up with Michael would get her – fame and fortune. Of course she married him for his Hollywood connections and mega bucks. She was pretty slick getting pregnant while he was still married. It forced him to divorce quickly. I just wonder what she will do if he passes away soon. He waits on her hand and foot – I have read she is high maintenance and she looks it. She’s a typical Hollywood snob.

  14. When you’re that super filthy rich, you are bound to be a snob. That’s why they don’t hang out w/ the average peon. He’ll give her anything she wants and then some. I think they’ll stay together. Personally, I would not marry a man easily old enough to be my pappy. no way, jose.

  15. I’ve seen photos of her with a different nose and different boobs, so don’t try and tell us she hasn’t had plastic surgery

  16. I believe CZJ parent’s are actually younger than Michael. Her Dad one year younger, her mom even more. Kinda icky.

  17. As mentioned, the White House embarrassment (when CZJ’s real age was discovered during security clearance), proved that she is approaching 50 — and not 40, as she would have others believe.
    Even so, she is a remarkably beautiful woman — much more so in person than on the screen.
    If she’s smart, she’ll drop her 3-pack a day cigarette habit and cut WAY back on her drinking…
    Nothing destroys good looks faster.

  18. Hey 11:41am thanks for mentioning what I wrote about her getting busted at the White House.
    Now what do you say about Micheal having Black mistresses?
    His dad forbade him to openly date/marry them so he creeps on the side

  19. ^^^
    That was news to me, and I’m an old-timer (I remember when MD was engaged to Brenda Vaccaro)!
    But nothing would surprise me about Michael; he’s a hedonist of the first order.
    I’m willing to believe he’s sampled just about EVERYTHING a good life has to offer.

  20. Not “the Bahamas,” you friggin MORON. “Bermuda.” And of course his mother has a home there: she is Bermudian.

  21. ^^^
    Thou shouldst relaxeth and untwist thine panties.
    This is gossip, not the LSAT.

  22. Thanks 1:19. I’m an old timer to. BV got him when he was fresh and purty, well as fresh as an extreme party boy could be 😉
    12:25, instead of praising good gossip is a grammar nazi, how boring.
    Point is what about him and his down low black mistresses?

  23. She can be described as ‘bawdy’ and ‘not at all shy’. I heard her say if she does not get sex on an extremely regular basis, that she gets a blinding headache. Mikey probably has a med cabinet full of Viagra. LOL

  24. 46 year-old Catherine Zeta Jones is one of Hollywood’s most accomplished and beautiful 38 year-olds.

  25. Gorgeous ? Yes
    30’s ? No
    Plastic Surgery ? Tons !
    including her Nose, boobs, Restylane injections on her tear trough (the hollows some people get under the eyes), Lipo, etc.
    Beyotch ? Major League

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