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While we’re on the subject of Las Vegas, we came across a startling photo of Carrot Top destined for the cover of Las Vegas magazine. The juiced up comic surrendered his tank top and shorts for a tailored suit and was even convinced to have his curly mop blown out straight. He admits it took HOURS to convince him to blow his hair straight – he was afraid it wouldn’t curl again. (What a loss that would be!) He grudgingly admitted his liked his new look.


  1. He needs to lose the locks for good, he actually looks better.

  2. He has always kept his personal life extremely private compelling many to believe he is gay.

  3. Wow, he is hardly recognizble. I think his “Carrot Top look” is obviously his way of keeping his anonymity. It would be really hard to pick him out in a crowd if he were dressed in the bottom pic garb.

    Geez, and check out his guns. This guy spends some serious quality time in the gym.

  4. “.. a much needed makeover” You said a mouthful there.

    The hair a shade too long and dyed a shade too bright, makeup applied a shade too obviously, and muscles pumped a shade too much is just disturbing.

    I don’t think the straightened hair and classic suit works particularly well either. He still looks like a caricature of himself imo, but perhaps he considers that vibe essential for his act.

  5. Carrot Top, age 46, would look nicer and less like a drag queen if he smoothed out his hair, cut it short and quit dressing like a college freshman.

    The makeup, eyebrows and hair kinda remind me of a freaky clown.

  6. If he stopped using steroids, his face might return to “normal.”

  7. Hey Seriously?,
    Is that what gives him that facial appearance (the steroids)? I was thinking too much plastic surgery. I know very little about either.

  8. Definitely steroids. He is hideous, but less so than in the top photo. Those eyebrows are absolutely ghastly

  9. The bottom photo is an improvement which isn’t saying much. That top photo is one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen, almost like Rihanna on steroids.

  10. I’ve always found it interesting that red hair can be either shocking or very impressive.

  11. CT looked terrible before his physical transformation ( revisit those ads he did for a phone company back in the 1990’s on utube) and yet he looks worse after beefing up and have extensive cosmetic surgery.

    BTW, I do not believe straightening your hair improves your appearance.

  12. Are u sure thats not a weaved in bone straight hair from a curly weaved in hair do?

  13. Yes, steroid abuse can change your face and head. Remember how big Barry Bonds’ head became when he was juicing?

  14. His Vegas act was FANTASTIC! He was so funny and the best show we saw all week. He actually looked okay in person. He is not pumped up like before. I think the wild red hair adds to his act. All I know is he is very funny and more talented than a lot of “better looking” comedians.

  15. The hair not curling back thing is BS. He went to the same high school I did, albeit 17 years earlier, and wore his hair straight in every picture I could find in the yearbooks, even when he was in middle school. It curls back. (Unless his hair is naturally straight and he’s been getting it permed all this time)
    On an unrelated note, my step-dad went to school with him and said he was a band geek and got picked on a lot. I think he played the flute.

  16. I think you mean make-under. He needs to step away from the beauty counter, for real.

  17. nacktmusik, would you be talking about…. The Old Skin Flute? Haha, I just had to say it. Sorry about my sad sense of humor everyone. It was just right there. HahaHaha

  18. Reta, dahling, if you are reading, I know you will have something to say about my correct comment that Carrot is queer. So, waiting.

  19. I love the new look. He looks amazing… what a transformation…don’t change a thing. He should keep that look for good. I like the long straight red hair. And the suit.

  20. Carrot “Top” is just an expression, right?

    Because curly hair or not, he has POWER BOTTOM written all over him.

    (Not that there’s anything wrong with that 😉 )

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