Michael Jackson was always fussy about his weight – he was careful to keep himself looking slim at all times. So we were surprised when he chose Debbie Rowe to be the birth mother of his two oldest children. (As you know, we believe Dr Arnie Klein is the sperm donor father) Debbie was already hefty when she married Michael and now that she’s on her own and living on Jackson money, she’s gotten even bigger. At least the kids never lived with her, so they didn’t pick up on her eating habits. We do applaud her getting involved with Paris when her daughter needed her. (Debbie was photographed in Palmdale, Calif. having lunch with friends)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. “At least the kids never lived with her, so they didn’t pick up on her eating habits.”

    Well gee, maybe they would have been loved, had a normal childhood, and had security. Honestly it’s so weird the way you make weight such a high priority.

  2. Why not say “at least the kids never lived with their dad so they didn’t pick up on his drug habits.

  3. Oh come on, she’s just a big boned gal with a glandular problem. She looks breath taking in that frock from the petite section of the Hefty Hideaway and the look on her face says she may be feeling a bit peckish for that snack in that bag.

    A girl gets mighty hungry after a long day of shopping at Wal Mart.

  4. On the subject of weight, Janet aren’t we due for another pic of Jessica Simpson with your usual comments about how she hides her weight with the clothes she wears?

  5. Janet, you are a weight bully and offensive. Go back to high school.
    I agree with Newbie. Michael might have loved them but he came from a dysfunctional family. I seriously do not trust Michael’s brothers around the kids, especially Paris. And Michael’s mother has zero ability to protect them.
    As an outsider I say yeah to Debbie and hope she keeps in their faces.

  6. Wow, she’s a big lady! I wonder if she’s gotten any action lately?

  7. yes, he just cared for kids because he was one himself.

  8. She’s definitely a taker. Married Jackson so she would never want again. for food, shelter, whatever.

  9. Janet once again shows her own weight insecurities. 100% agree with Newbie and Kelly.

  10. Don’t think this woman was ever married to MJ, well, at least in reality.

  11. @Ah-yuck: they were married enough for her to get a house to live in and a decent settlement.

  12. Fat-shaming is disgusting and beneath your professionalism. No wonder you get so many toxic posters. Debbie is the only person in that whole demented family that has any brains, grace and true concern for her children. You should focus on that and never forget that Jacko was a pedophile and extreme drug addict. That’s what is important, not her excess weight.

  13. Well, genetically this is what pretty little Paris has to look forward to!

  14. “At least the kids never lived with her, so they didn’t pick up on her eating habits.”

    Thank goodness they lived with their raging drug addicted, yet slim, father. Can you imagine what the end result would have been if they were raised by a seemingly sane, loving, grounded, sober, yet large mother? Perish the thought! That’s a tragedy in the making.

  15. The woman looks like most of middle America, that is everything 500 miles inland from either coast. Also add in Canada, minus Vancouver.
    Debbie is not the mother, she was the body carrying the implanted eggs. Jackson married her so his kids would not be called old fashioned ugly names.

  16. speak for yourself, you liberal lesbians just eat too much crap, i guess a donuts cheaper than a Xanax, and way easier than goin for a walk

  17. missEva = Strom,

    as they evidently – share the same grasp of elementary genetics.

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