How sickening the Pistorius trial has become. Monday’s testimony revealed that Oscar Pistorius used expanding bullets that cause maximum tissue damage and blood loss on his girlfriend. The bullets break up in the body and cause catastrophic damage. Reeva Steenkamp took three bullets, but it’s unlikely she could have survived even one, due to the extreme wounds. What kind of man buys bullets that rip a victim to shreds? Isn’t an ordinary bullet ENOUGH? Oscar Pistorius is turning out to be a bigger monster than we even imagined…

Photo: Fox News


  1. There are several disturbing points to this case. Why did he carry her body down the stairs? I found that really suspicious. If he wanted to help her, he would have called for help immediately, and not moved her. I gather she died right away anyway, but still, carrying her down the stairs!!?!? It makes me wonder if his first thought was to hide the body or something.

    I also am disturbed by what I’ve read of her parents comments so far. They act like they are afraid to insult Pistorius. The last I heard from the mother is that she just wanted the truth. wrf? If someone did that to one of my kids I would be on a revenge rampage until I got justice. Remember the Goldman family during the Simpson trial? They weren’t all namby pamby about OJs guilt.

    And yes, he is a total pig for using those horrible kind of bullets. He makes me sick, with all his crying and barfing in court. He tries to make this entire scenario all about him, all about his suffering, which is all the dumbass media reports on. Takes away the focus on the fact that he murdered that poor young girl and ruined the lives of her family as well.

  2. I agree with Georgie. What kind of so called boyfriend doesn’t even call 911? Keep crying buddy, you’re going to jail.

  3. He knew exactly what he was doing. I feel sure they had a horrible argument and she ran into the bathroom to get away from him. He couldn’t get the door open, so he shot through it and killed her. As far as the hollow point bullets, a lot of people buy those for self defense. It sounds like from what they’re reporting that he was a hot headed idiot and he went off on her for some reason.

  4. Tori Spelling has her next staring role…. Mother May I Sleep with Danger: The Oscar Pistorious Story.

  5. A typical self absorbed gun lover. Like most Americans.

  6. Kitty, the defense excuse for gun owners is wearing thin. Guns are for killing.

  7. He should save his croc tears for jail, y’know when big bubba declares him his new bitch.

  8. Good one Dawn! I hope that bastard doesn’t get off. Read he has anger issues. You know the jerk did it, self defense is bull!

  9. @ Georigie,

    ” They act like they are afraid to insult Pistorius.”

    Bingo. His family has a lot of power. If they make too much noise, there could be repercussions for their family.

  10. I hope this worthless asshole is found guilty and thrown in prison with a lot of guys named Bubba. There are so many inconsistencies in his story. And after reading this, he deserves whatever horrible things happen to him.

  11. You ask me what I think…

    I think you are quite misinformed regarding the bullets used by Oscar Pistorius. They were NOT “exploding” bullets – they were merely normal hollow-point rounds used by almost all police forces and legally armed civilians for self defense. When they hit something, they expand slightly (to about 30% more than their original diameter). This causes a shallower and wider wound, reducing over-penetration that could otherwise result in one or more people behind the intended target getting hit and possibly killed. Also, because of their increased shock effect (because all the kinetic energy is absorbed by the intended target), less bullets are required to stop a threat, which actually can increase the threatening person’s chances of surviving (a person shot with normal non-expanding bullets often doesn’t react quickly to being shot and must be shot many times, causing them to bleed out from all the wounds).

    All this talk of “exploding bullets” was drama created by the Prosecution to bolster their case. This happens often – prosecution relies on the ignorance of juries and sometimes judges about the true nature and intent of hollow-point bullets.

    I am not in any way condoning what Pistorius did.

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