Las Vegas Illusionist Criss Angel is milking his MTV collaboration with Britney Spears to the absolute max. He inserts himself in every possible photo op with her. Criss, 39, and Brit, 25, both have the same manager, Jeff Kwatinetz of The Firm and Jeff masterminded their working together (and stirring up PR together.) There is NO romance, but Criss is enjoying the camera flashes and Britney might benefit from his magic at the MTV show – IF she shows up. Whether she’s “ready” won’t be decided until the LAST minute. By WHOM, we don’t know.

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  1. There’s no helping Britney she is OVER! Britney should just set herself up at The Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

  2. Just once I would like the flashbulbs to illuminate her eyes enough so you all could see what I know for sure. She is so high and nobody busts her for it. What’s up with that?

  3. You know she did a bump of coke and you know she took a pill of exstacy washing down with liquor. She is gutter trailer trash.

  4. She’s like a baby always sucking on that lollypop what do they put in those things?

  5. if cris angel can do some magic by giving that idiot some intelligence, talent and a toned ass, then yes. She can become a star.

  6. Only if he makes her disappear forever.. oh wait that would boost his career and sorry rep greatly. But oh well.. congrats

  7. I like her a lot, and think she is very talented. I wish her nothing but continued success in the future.
    See? How difficult is it to be positive for a change you back-biting, superficial petty hoards?

  8. she needs an illusionist because she can’t sing and is fat. maybe he can hide those facts from the audience at the vma’s.

  9. The only person who can change Brit’s image is herself. She needs to get with the programme and do something positive with her image. At the moment she is still a joke!

  10. She’s made such a joke of herself it will be almost impossible to come back. And she is too stupid to realize it. Keep up the good work! ha – what a laugh.

  11. 9:23 There are 10,000 other, more WORTHY women out there who ARE talented. Who don’t rely on airbrushed photos of their ass, who don’t promote how “f-ing sexy” they are to sell records… esp when this joke forcefeeds sex on people and she can’t evencarry it off… who SING etc.. it is not about being positive and more about how this Bim squanders opportunities that she was never qualified to have to begin with. At least Whitney Houston HAS talent and was beautiful legitimately. Britney has neither.

  12. there’s the wench sucking on one of those drug pops!
    You would think by now she would stop being photographed with those things in her mouth! What a waste of life!!

  13. How embarrassed her mom must be that Britney turned out to be such a pig.

  14. why should lynn be embarassed? it’s partly her fault britney has turned out so bad.
    jamie lynn will probably turn out to be the same.

  15. she so trashy and lewd a hollywood person for you higher than a kite all the time. they deserve each other

  16. I have to agree with 11:16,,,she really turned out to be a pig. A lewd, trashy, out of control, 24/7 trainwreck. I’m sure the mom must be embarassed of her slutty mess. Maybe that slob will choke on one of her drug pops she gobbles down constantly.


  18. Maybe they can both disappear and we won’t have to read about either of them ever again.

  19. Why does she wear those idiotic hats? If she thinks they’re cute or attractive–they’re not. UGH!!!

  20. Last week,,a friend of mine worked on the MTV promos for the upcoming VMAs ,,featuring Britney,,,,,well,,, Britney didn’t show up . Anticipating that scenario,,they wisely had a body double standing by that did her scenes. The new manager has his work cut out for him. She is a loser.

  21. She is going to be harrassed for life and no matter what you do…..There is always going to be some one over your shoulder pointing out any mistakes you make and any words that you say are going to be taken and placed in a wrong direction and of course it is hard to come back from mistakes and all I can say is learn from the pass and do not repeat the pass and just try to meet people that love and care about you and want to see you happy and cheerful and not full of drama and trama and of course place yourself around some one of loves you for you and takes you for who you are and that it is being safe and sound and cared for is key but my best wishes to you dear britney spears.

  22. I want information on how to return this cheesy magic set. Angel should be ashamed of himself for stealing five and dime tricks that have been around since Dante the Magician. I have lost respect for him, he has sold out as usual and his “levitation” video clearly shows TWO feet off the ground, not even close to what the trick looks like on your toes. It should be sent to the FCC for false advertising he is misleading, and nothing more than a charlatan. I will be making this post live on Facebook and will be sending out blogs to any up and coming real professionals that thought they were buying first class magic tricks from a new generation “illusionist”.

    Mr. Angel….you’re a flop and a terrible business man. How can you allow your reputation to stand behind a trick deck, the 50 year old fake thumb trick and coin tricks that have been taught since the early 50’s. The only illusion you are good at is selling junk.

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