“Dancing with the Stars” Cameron Mathison was surprised when he had his first interview with show execs and right away they asked him if he had ever posed nude or anything of that nature. Uh-oh, had his past come back to haunt him? The “All My Children” star laughed and admitted that in 1999 he WAS on the cover of Playgirl, but his pictorial inside was tastefully clothed. When they requested a copy, he took it as a sign that he might be out of the running, and was really worried. He was greatly relieved when it turned out the women who asked for the magazine simply wanted him to autograph it for them.

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  1. He’s too fond of himself. He’s a bad soap actor, for crying out loud, and now he’s cha-cha-ing on nighttime.
    He’s over.

  2. A sure sign that your washed up: You are worried something in your past might prohibit your appearance on dancing with the stars.

  3. A little birdie told me that Paris Hilton was not happy when David Letterman poked fun at her yesterday. Paris shot a guest appearance on the Late Show yesterday (Tuesday) which will air Friday. Dave started making small jokes about jail and asked her how the food was and homegirl wasn’t pleased. The little birdie said Paris played along, but when the show ended she lost it.
    This birdie said, “She burst into tears and her people told the Late Show people Paris would never do the show again!”
    I’m sure the Late Show is devastated that Paris will never grace their stage again. First Sarah Silverman bothers her and now Letterman? Paris is such a f*****g cry baby. Somebody put a diaper on her already.

  4. too bad about paris hilton she’s a spoiled b!@#$ anyway this guy is a cutie cameron your body is sexy.

  5. It’s from now on: Sir Faggot John!! I don’t think he sleeps very well lately, although little boy’s can help him out!! Faggots are just interested in THREE main things:
    – SEX (they don’t care with whom, boy or man)
    – SEX (parties, as much sex as possible)
    – MONEY

  6. hear it until the end of time cameron is sexy and hung nicely. Paris hilton is going to africa.thank god!!!

  7. This guy screams “gay” so loud it broke my eardrums when I saw the picture. Holy smokes. And this is supposed to be a magazine for women? Gimme a break.

  8. He is too into himself. He is a very conceited man. that is why he will not win DWTS!

  9. I’ve met Cameron personally and he is the nicest most down to earth celebrity. He’s happily married to Vanessa and they have 2 adorable kids. He is known to be very kind to his fans. He’s got my votes!

  10. This guy is INCREDIBLY hot in person – more so than he seems on screen. He walked into a salon where I worked and we were all tripping over ourselves, trying to help him. He was mesmerizing! And quite nice, too.

  11. He is a terrible actor!! And his eyes are really sunken in…he looks weird..

  12. HOT, HOT, HOT. Besides AMC, he also is the star of a show where contestants compete (act) to be the newest soap star on different soaps. He seems like a very nice guy. He and Brad Pitt are way hotter than any of them out there !!!

  13. What sweet heart and that wonderful and thoughtful to do that for him..Good friends who open there home to some one who is nice and kind and thoughtful and lovely and tender and of course..I Am sure he is grateful and really appreciates it deeply from the bottom of his heart.

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