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Page Six Magazine featured an interview with Calvin Klein’s exboyfriend Nick Gruber, with whom our readers are already familiar. Gruber is shopping around a book about their relationship called “Obsession: My Life with Calvin Klein.” Nick, 48 years younger than Klein, says he was “the first man Calvin fell in love with.” (Hmmm…) He went on to say modestly “There’s something about me that attracts everyone.” The big romance lasted a year and a half and ended in April. Calvin had taught Nick all kinds of things- including how to roll up his sleeves like a man. (Roll the cuffs up twice and push the sleeve above the elbow. See Calvin in photo above.) Nick insists he wasn’t with the multimillionaire Klein for the money, but Calvin gave him a $250,000 Bentley and took it back after they broke up over Nick’s drug use. Nick also insists he is straight and prefers dating women although he is now seeing John Luciano, a well off relative of mobster Lucky Luciano. If he really prefers women, why does he only date wealthy men? We’ll have to read the book. Of course, if Calvin gives the Bentley back, we have a feeling the book won’t happen…

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  1. He has a Bieberlike look to him that the “girls” may find attractive!

  2. So he is gay for play, duh. Before the big money was he escorting for dollars. He should be in woody Allen’s gigolo movie showing he has sex with wealthy Jewish men and ladies like Sharon stone.

  3. Well, as the old saying goes; “I’m not gay, but my boyfriend is.”

  4. Sound like he hopes to make sure all venues of well off sugar (mamas and) daddies understand his availability.
    We get it you are available (for a price) to the rich.
    The power of his perceived beauty (by himself) is overwhelming.

  5. this american has the age to be seen as anything at all: F*GGOT, HETERO, TRANSEXUAL, ASS KISSER………just name it!!

  6. LOL, “roll up his sleeves like a man”. As opposed to rolling up his sleeves like a woman? I hadn’t realized there was a difference!

  7. What a scum bag this guy is! He will wind up like all the other scum bags who think they are so special and take money for their “services” – dead or back on drugs and wandering the streets. This guy is NOT attractive to anything except a FLY! His 15 minutes of fame were over a year ago!

  8. hey Strom, I’ve noticed that you’ve not made any crude or stupid references to his colour, why not ? and Why is it that you never reference white peoples skin tone but always reference BLACKS ?

    racist prick !

  9. Poor howard or is it Debbie, or is it both, depending on the hour? Ready to spill hate at a poster but ready to enable these 2 AIDS carriers. CK has been married twice to women but has chased after men for years. Most JC PC’ers say “Gay is OK” but all it leads to is an increase in AIDS.

    Send them all to GAY Island!

  10. Oh howard deb, white, jews, gays and bisexuals are immune to aids. It is no longer spoken or discussed in the media. Only blacks have the highest rate of aids so say’s the media

  11. What a foolish comment. No one is immune from AIDS, but it is a disease, that mostly is of choice. The fags are the major spreaders in the USA.

    50% of BLACK women have and spread herpes, not from the media, from the CDC! This is a disease of choice also, in most cases.

  12. hey Strom, he’s right, why no comments about his color ? you drooler

  13. Oh yes they are immune to aids if you go by cdc and the media. Like you say it is only blacks esp women are carriers of herpes and aids. You must believe the cdc and the media unless you got herp infection from a blaaaacks to prove yor point. Dont just say go to cdc site and lookat numbers. Paper will never say no to ink.

  14. Hello, why don’t you Serena & strom screw up threads somewhere else. The only way to get rid of stroms is to ignore them. They just want attention. This way you’re creating as many off topic comments as on topic ones.


    Poor Serena is quick to blast a poster just because her rainbow colored world and his dont meet.

    I criticize these gays very quickly and no mention is made of color in this case because it is both obvious.

    CK has actually been married twice and fathered children. He created a large and successful company but his gayness is as sickening as that of John T.

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