Like most Hollywood actresses, Barbra Streisand has always been terrified of showing her age. Ageism for women is more rampant than ever, if Streisand’s billboard for her new movie “The Guilt Trip” is any indication. In the comedy, Barbra, 70, plays the mother of Seth Rogan, 30, but her face is so heavily photoshopped that she looks to be the same age as him! Keep in mind, Barbra had final approval for this. LA Observed pointed out this strange phenomenon when Westside billboards popped up promoting the movie’s Dec 19 opening. (Of course, we are still dying to see it!)


  1. Babs is one knarly yid who has had a phobia for many years about being photo’d…easy to see why.

  2. At what point does it all become completely absurd. I remember seeing a picture of Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie and her daughter all together. At that time Priscilla has less wrinkles than Lisa Marie. It’s just too weird and creepy. We all age and we’re all going to die, why do we have to try and look 20 forever. That’s why women like Demi Moore go off their rockers, can’t face the process.

  3. she looks cute but totally not a real picture. She looks 40. Come on!

  4. palermo: I agree.

    Priscilla has gone completely overboard and has been nipped, tucked and pulled so many times she looks like a wax figure. She may have gone crazy w/ Elvis and his cheating, her affair w/ Mike Stone, and her live-in for 10 years who dumped. But the worse mess she is in is of course Scientology. I hope it’s true that LisaMarie is finally getting out. Their minds need to be de-programmed that’s for sure.

    PS: I guess Streisand will look good on magazine covers, etc, but she will look like hell seeing her in person. lol

  5. ooops,
    Mean to say, her lover of about 10 years, Marco Garibaldi, dumped her (had one boy, who is into drugs). She has since dated several men, none of them lasting.

  6. At least she hasn’t been cut on and just has pics altered. Better than mutilating her body like the majority of other celebs have done. There is a double standard on aging for men and women esp. in Hollywood. She is a very smart and very talented women and comments about her being Jewish by no talent losers on here are sexist and idiotic = as usual.

  7. @Jenny – how dumb u are? By saying of someone thats Jewish makes u a sexist? Babs is talented, but have u ever heard of ethnic network? Do u know how else Hollywood is called, dumbass? JEWLYWOOD. Do u know that Jews own the whole American porn industry? Do u know that USA is most known ISRAHELL’s puppet? Shut up and do ur homework correctly, bitch…. And next time prove me that Jewish scums like shia labeouf, seth rogen, judd apatow, sandra bernhardt, sarah silverman etc. are talented. OK bitch?

  8. Whew….Jenny Babs is also known to have had Plastic surgery. The schnozz was even more beaklike in her younger days. Babs was never a blonde, except in her dreams.

  9. @xyz You are truly an idiot. Get help you zenophobic fuck. You are on Indian Land. Go back to where ever your genetically challenged ancestors came from if you want to spew your small minded garbage. Clearly you don’t even understand the historical facts of how Hollywood was founded and who actually controlled the money that many of the Jewish bankers were working for. Cretin.

  10. She is absolutley viewed as Schylock by those who have worked with her!

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