Brad Pitt is defiantly stepping into the shoes of Tom Cruise and Will Smith in the apocalyptic drama World War Z and they seem to fit him quite well. Brad spent much of last year shooting this monumental zombie thriller and even more time doing reshoots to perfect it. Judging by this #2 trailer, these zombies are FAST, and we are in for a thrill ride next June.

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  1. He’s got some really big bags under his eyes. Is it the kids keeping him awake or Angelina’s incessant nagging?

  2. Maybe he got done peeking at his neighbors and had just removed the binoculars from his eyes.

  3. Yikes! Bubba can’t believe Brad hasn’t had an eye job yet!

  4. mama: LOL. I agree.

    I do believe Angie is wearing the pants in the family. Rumor has it that they argue all the time about the kids’ upbringing. Angie’s anorexia, and she is tired of him always on a movie set or partying with his guy friends. And that’s not to mention all the headaches the terrible 6 are causing. Also rumored is she still flirts and still has an eye for the ladies (her admission). With all their vast fortune, I wouldn’t want any part of this circus.

  5. PS: It’s mighty strange he designed for her a million dollar engagement ring and there has been no hint of a wedding. Also, she has admitted that she does not wear it, but wears a look-alike fake. And, that is bull about the kids wanting them to get married and bugging them about it. As if a bratty kid could do anything. they are all bogus.

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