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Here’s Britney Spears leaving a Beverly Hills tanning salon last night – she’s wearing a cute little dress, but those new extensions! We didn’t think they could get any faker looking, but seeing is believing. (Did K-Mart open up a hair augmentation department?) And it seems like no tanning salon wants to brag that Brit’s a customer because she’s always being made fun of for her orange-y looking skin color. We bet most of the freebies she used to get have dried up.

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  1. White Trailer Parker Gutter TRASH! Just like AMY WhoreHouse is British Trailer trash… They should do a duet!

  2. What used to be funny is becoming sadly tragic. There has to be mental problems with this girl. I hope she gets some professional help before much longer.

  3. why does the press keep following her? she’s not even interesting, and it is painful to have to look at her ugly self. leave her alone and maybe she will go away.

  4. She is ATROCIOUS and does not deserve the press she gets or any more success. Move back to Kentwood and sell tickets to your museum.

  5. I heard she deep fried her first dog (Bit Bit) because they were out of cheetos at the 7-11


  7. Hey, I got some freebies for Britney. Here’s a box of Trojans, sister!

  8. of course she isn’t going to stop the bad behaviour. she gets alot of attention by acting like an idiot, so expect it to continue. if the photogs would just all walk away from her and stop following her and taking her picture, she might just be forceed to change. but why change when the bad behaviour gets her on us weekly for 3 straight weeks?

  9. why does she keep getting extensions? i thought that’s why she shaved her head. she’s got delicate features and would look adorable with a close cropped look like mena suvari’s new ‘do.

  10. It would be great if the media would stop following her around. She’s not newsworthy!!!!! Nobody cares!

  11. It’s been months, her hair should have grown out to a descent length by now. A more natural short look would be so much better, but she seems to do the opposite of what’s good for her.

  12. ‘but she seems to do the opposite of what’s good for her.’
    just saying – I agree with you. Britney obviously doesn’t care anymore. But why put yourself out there for ridicule and public humiliation? Surely the best thing for Brit to do, is just disappear? Up sticks and leave LA for some privacy?
    She i nothing but a joke now and doesn’t seem to care either…

  13. I can’t stand her. She is white trash BUT I do feel a bit sorry for her. I don’t think she realizes what she is like and all her hangers on don’t help her because they don’t want to lose everything they get from her. I do believe she has mental issues so just for that it is no laughing matter. What is that saying? “But for the grace of God go I”

  14. To the poster who commented that Britney would look cute with her natural short hair because she has delicate features – WTF!! Are you blind! Where are those delicate features – she has hammerhead eyes so far apart, a huge hose, linebacker’s shoulders and neck and a pimply face – what is so delicate about that!

  15. This girl needs to stop posing half naked all the time. She is FAR from a sex symbol. Sexy is HEALTHY and she is a blubbery slob. It is stomach-turning to see her always posing sexy or in a come-hither way when she is so disgustingly piggish in real life. No one buys her being sexy. please come up with a more realistic image. Better yet… She needs to go away.

  16. She looks like hell, and stepping out of that coffin-shaped doorway…downright ghoulish!

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