There’s a tug of war going on at Britney Spears’ house between her and her father Jamie. Dad wants Britney to move back to Louisiana and spend time with her family. He figures that not being around nightclubs, temptations, and paparazzi would be the best thing for her. Britney’s not thrilled by the idea – she imagines herself bored stiff in her hometown and she’s scrambling to find more work (like her TV cameo on “How I Met Your Mother”) or recording, to keep her WAY too busy to leave LA.



  1. Brit was pretty horrid on “How I met your mother”. That show used her because it is failing miserably in the ratings and will be canned soon. Brit should move back to the trailer park and help out her Sister.

  2. If her acting was ‘good’ on “HIMYM”, I’m going to Gollyweird now and apply for a job. Plus, what she has on in this pic would be found in the reject pile at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. And that hair,wig, words simply fail to describe. She is mixed up.

  3. I’m with Papa Spears…despite Britney’s appearance on HIMYM…if recent pix are anything to go by…her hair is still a rats nest and she obviously has a long way to go before she recovers.
    Going back to Kentwood for a while would be a good thing for her IMO.

  4. She should go to back to Kentwood and re-group and rest her skanky dumb ass. Oh, boo hoo, poor little millionaire might get a bit bored in her huge elegant mansion, and may not have a man and clubbing every night. Name many others at her age that have all this and can afford to take a looong break. Give me and every one else a break, you UNGRATEFUL tramp. PS: If she does go to Kentwood for a while, I hope someone teaches her to bathe every day and the rules of good hygiene.

  5. It’s not like she ever contributed anything good to pop culture anyway so she won’t be missed! Her songs are producer’s songs (Max Martin) and anyone could’ve sung them and made them hits. She’s not very talented in the long run. I long for the days of Linda
    Ronstadt, who can still sing at age 60.

  6. She should stay in Malibu and continue to fight with the demons that possess her.

  7. Do everyone a favor and move back to Hicksville, USA. You belong there.

  8. She should move back to Louisiana and daddy should force her to take care of Jamie Lynn’s baby when it comes (for at least a year). Except be sure Mama and a nanny will be there in case she zones out again.

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