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Now the pieces are starting to fit together as to why Britney and her fiancée Jason Trawick broke up. First it was suggested that they disagreed on children – Britney wanted more and he didn’t. Most likely theory is the fact that Jason was worried about Britney’s mental state and realized he was taking on a huge burden in attempting to care for her. He has already been running her life and chances are, it isn’t easy. Britney doesn’t do well under pressure. Having children with Britney would be a giant risk – what would happen if they split up – would she be capable of caring for them? Frankly, we would have been surprised if this relationship lasted another year.

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  1. Poor Brit should just retire and find a regular person to hang with. She’s not well enough to be in the media let alone raising more kids.

  2. And then she got let go from X-Factor poor thing; she only made $15 million from that short gig. She’s not all that stupid, ’cause she was tired of it anyway.

    I think she is happiest partying, recording, touring, and taking on any man that comes along. Goodness knows what will happen to those 2 boys. She is still nuts and bi-polar and in constant need of a care-giver to see she takes her meds. She could go bananas again at any time.

  3. She’s not well enough? But she is well enough for him to lay up with her and take her money? It wasn’t a burden at first but final it is a burden? She is well enough to sing dance and make money off. What did he ever bring to the table? I feel bad her.

  4. I read where SHE was the one that didn’t want to get married. Her Dad dumped that conservatorship on this guy quick enough. I would have never done that until they were married. I like her, I hope things work out for her and her kids.

  5. Crazy is as crazy does. There’s a reason she’s under a permanent conservatorship. If anybody gets mixed up with this mentally ill person, they should be committed too.

  6. She’s a certifiable nut job and Hollywood keeps throwing millions at this no talent. The latest rumor is she is about to sign a $100 million contract to perform in Vegas! Who do they think will go see her prance around and lip sync? Middle America? Wow.

  7. She is really talented and Ive never been a fan, but, I feel sorry for her. This is typical of girls that are forced into sex symbol images (her parents pimped out her image at a very young age). It is not a suprise then she got into drugs etc. It is clear from looking at her she is toxic and whacked on drugs(just because they are prescribed from a doctor makes them no less toxic). She needs to clean her diet and body up and get the hell away from her “parents”/pimps who created this situation.

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