Anjelica Huston was accused of overindulging in injected substances when this unflattering photo of her emerged. However, upon closer inspection, it’s apparent that she inherited her aging looks – especially around the neck – from her father John Huston. He grew a beard in his later years to disguise his loose neck folds. So don’t blame Anjelica for not aging well – it’s in her DNA. And it looks like a little plastic surgery could solve her neck problem quite nicely.


  1. ai. mrs. huston. you have a problem. You need better pictures of the father to show that she is having the same issues.
    Did jack had a crystal ball? Was that his reason to have left her long ago?

  2. Anjelica has always been and always be a beautiful, classy woman.

  3. I don’t know…she’s 61; what do you expect her to look like? I’m a very pretty 50, but I rarely see nice pictures of myself. Let’s stop judging people who just don’t happen to be as photogenic as a model. (models, by the way aren’t necessarily better looking than the rest of us – they are just more photogenic) She doesn’t look like this all the time. It’s a bad angle, an unflattering pic.

  4. It’s partially a bad angle and pose. Leave Angelica alone. She has aged like we all do-

  5. you know the movie: “Bigfoot & The Hendersons”?
    ……… her to Bigfoot.

  6. I agree Huston is a class act and very talented. There is a double standard in Hollywood as to the way women and men age. This is just a bad photo/angle. It is nice to see women who are talented and secure enough not to have the body mutilated. We should be praising her not tearing her down.

  7. Good one Patrick. I hate to admit that’s the first thing I thought of. Shame on me. She’s a wonderful actress.

  8. I actually spoke to her recently in Central Park, she looks very natural & not pinned/tucked, in person. Also very thin, i agree that she inherited her neck/looks from her father.

  9. I always admired Anjie; she is natural, unpretentious and a great actress. It’s nice to see someone who is not nipped, tucked, and with tons of hair extensions. Never could understand why she put up with Jack Nicholson off and on for so many years, but I hope she always knew he was a free spirit and would not settle down with her. Also, I think this is a bad picture and she looks a lot better than this when fixed up.

  10. Yikes! Scared myself for a minute there. OK – I’m better now.


  11. Not a nice picture, bad angle, DNA maybe, but that’s it, enough said. I find it rude to pulicly pressure anjelica to go fix her “problem” with a “little” plastic surgery. This might be the hollywood way, but certainly not to thousands of others who do not have a jawline/neck of a twenty year old. You woulnd’t want anybody publicly or in your private life, saying that you could use a fix for your tired eyes, wrinkled, thin, floppy face skin, for example… Somebody would say that to your mother, I’m sure you’d hesitate before you’d think jabba the hut. Have some class.

  12. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Who in the holy fuck are YOU to declare someone is not aging well? She is in her 60s, looks it, and is gorgeous. You, on the other hand…I mean…can you possibly be serious here? You look like something Betsey Johnson shat out and ran a car over.

  13. Love her for the kind and talented person she is .. not what she looks like..

  14. Love her for the kind and talented person she is .. not for what she looks like..

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