Hollywood is abuzz with surprise since “Bridesmaids” turned out to be an unexpected hit. (It raked in 21.5 million – second only to “Thor.”) Why is everyone surprised? Apparently male Hollywood producers don’t think women like comedy! “Bridesmaids” has two things going for it – it’s funny and it’s ABOUT WOMEN. Sure, it’s too raunchy sometimes, and a bit overlong, but we women are starved for humor. Gangs of girlfriends got together this weekend to see “Bridesmaids” – like they did for “Sex & the City.” It was FUN! And profitable – maybe now the studios will stop to think about what females really want for a change. (Above photos– the girls in charge and Kristen Wiig with the nice-guy leading man Chris O’Dowd.


  1. This movie is an EMBARRASEMENT to all women. And it’s TWO HOURS long! One of the worst movies I have ever seen and no one is laughing except the half wits that find this sort of thing funny. Oh, and Judd Apatow and what’s her name from SNL who wrote and starred – laughing all the way to bank. Farts, vomit, bodily secretion…..that’s funny? It’s like another Ben Stiller movie.

  2. “Indy”, yeah that’s right, the man on left.

    I thought this movie looked quite funny in the previews. It sure raked in alot of cash over the weekend. They are comparing it to The Hangover. The Hangover was one of the funniest movies of all time IMO. If Bridesmaids is as good as that one, it will be a riot!!

  3. Lauren, “Farts, vomit, bodily secretion…..that’s funny? It’s like another Ben Stiller movie.”

    No offense but that is usually a good selling point for me to see a movie. If there’s someone passing gas in the movie, I usually howl with laughter. Dumb and Dumber is one of my all time favorites. lol My friends are usually just as tasteless. lol

    I enjoyed the Hangover too so if it is even half that funny, then I wouldn’t mind watching it.

  4. Women are highly sought after by advertisers because they spend more money than Men, usually on Frivelous items/movies. The only Men that will see this film are the unfortunate ones dragged their by their girlfriends.

  5. The scene in the commercial where there is a bride falling face down in the street and appearing to even slide forward some gave me the creeps and was not even CLOSE to funny. I cringed. I’ll pass until I can fast forward those kind of moments.

  6. I’m getting a double-dose of old-timer’s syndrome here—first Chudney Ross…

    and now Maya Rudolph—that’s her, second from the right; she must be about Chudney’s age by now; we remember, too, when Maya was born.

    Her mother was Minnie Riperton—the singer whose vocal range was so memorably demonstrated in the huge hit song “Loving You.”

    She died of cancer when Maya was still a baby (or quite young), if memory serves.

  7. Oh, and “The Hangover” was much better—funnier, smarter—in it’s ORIGINAL form, before it was ripped off shamelessly a few years ago.

    It was called “Go.” Produced in 1999.

  8. The one on the left is not a lesbian, she is the obligatory fat horny woman at the wedding.

  9. Mona, thanks for that juicy tidbit on Maya and her parentage, I didn’t know that! I fully remember Ripperton’s high note tho and hearing about her death. Very sad to never know your mother. I didn’t know mine either.

    And Maya is very talented and spent many wonderful and funny seasons on SNL.

  10. This movie was funny as as hell and thanks for telling me about Minnie’s daughter. I loved her music. That explains her parents in the mvoie.

  11. I’m not gonna see that movie and I’m no Strom just curious…is Maya’s character black or raceless? Does she marry a black guy in the movie??

  12. Good question, Mel—I’m not sure how the movie is structured, and don’t have any plans to see it…

    but, in “Away We Go,” Maya’s expectant mother character was married to John Krasinski, from the US version of “The Office.”

    “Away We Go” was OK—it had its moments of low-key, thoughtful humor.

    IMHO, Maya was at her best in “Idiocracy”—a very funny—much cruder—comedy from Mike Judge, in which she is eventually married to Luke Wilson—and becomes First Lady to his President of the US.

  13. Oh, and she plays a very small but pivotal role in “Chuck and Buck.” It’s where I first noticed her, having never seen her on SNL.

    She’s a very talented young woman (and evidently grew up with/is best bud to Gwyneth Paltrow—which I won’t hold against her LOL).

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