We, along with John Walsh, are very disappointed that Fox cancelled “America’s Most Wanted” after 23 years of exposing criminals. It’s an institution! Maybe the only reality show that does something really good for the public. Fox claims it’s too expensive to produce – is there really NO way to cut the budget down to manageable proportions? (John Walsh has been demoted to two specials a year.) The show has nabbed 1,151 criminals at large during its run. How ELSE are you going to find out that the man who moved next door to you murdered his wife? AMW is too great a resource for achieving justice– hopefully some other network will see its value.


  1. Why doesn’t Fox just move it to the ‘news’ channel?

  2. I wasn’t aware that the show was still on regularly. Glad to hear that they will have specials so they can round up the bad guys.

    He made a outstanding host and spokesperson. He seemed like a smart and compassionate guy. I also remember reading on several occasions that he was a compulsive cheater.

  3. What makes American TV audiences crave crime shows?

  4. It’s not a fictional crime show Pippa, it is a show that helps the public know about real criminals who are on the loose. They have captured so many from this show, it’s a real loss in my opinion to take it off.

  5. There was also a point in the early 1990s that the show was cancelled — and then Fox reordered episodes. Maybe the show will get another life on another network — but, that’s John Walsh’s call. I don’t think we’ve heard the end of this franchise yet, though.

  6. Should this show not get a cash injection from the government in order for it to stay on air? It is a valuable public service is it not?

    I just think they had it running at the wrong time. It was usually on a Friday or Saturday, late at night.

  7. It was cancelled once before, and the governors of 38 states appealed to the network. This show is a must for the public good.

  8. They cancel this but leave that pure shit “Housewives” running??????????????????? (And many, many more).

    This….this is why I hate people (not you guys tho’).


  9. On the other hand, given that several people who most assuredly had foreknowledge of 9-11—Dov Zakheim, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Larry Silverstein, just to name a few—given that their evident complicity means, in essence, that they would each qualify for serial killer status…

    and given that none of them has ever made the list of “America’s Most Wanted,”

    perhaps, just maybe,

    the powers that be in TV land finally realized the freaking obvious—that the concept of “law and order” in the US has gotten a little fuzzy—and decided that the AMW time-slot could be put to better use?

    (That broad who played Natalie on “Facts of Life is just itchin’ for her own reality show.)

    But that’s just an educated guess.

    Don’t tase me, or anything like that, Bro!

  10. I cant believe they are taking this valuable show off the air….and leaving all the garbage thats running now on the air. WTF???

  11. Totally agreed with everyone that this show performs a valuable service, and am aghast at the crap that remains on air (irreality shows etc.) I really hope some station or network picks up “America’s Most Wanted”

  12. Well it is too bad they can’t cut all the pieces of the show..Where Crimanals where not caught and show the highlights of the people that have not be caught or something but the show was great and really loved it because in life people are evil and unkind and hurt people and do things for bad reasons but that is why life is hard..Because other people hurt other people and they try to get away with Crime.

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