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Brad Pitt is VERY upset because paparazzi recognized him leaving the Beverly Wilshire hotel in spite of his leather and helmet. He’s shocked because they caught him in an intersection. Brad realized he won’t be able to get away with anonymity on his motorcycle rides now that everyone will know what he and his bike look like. (What kind of bike is that, anyway?) His rides were a real source of freedom for him. He could get in and out of just about anywhere if he left his helmet on long enough. Brad’s eyes are pretty recognizable, though.

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  1. Maybe I’m alone here, but I think Brad’s pretty safe. Ride on Brad, I’m sure not going to bother you.

  2. Janet, Are you psychic? How do you know what Brad is thinking? If you are psychic, what are the winning lotto numbers for tomorrow?

  3. Janet the paps always know when Brad is on his bike because he tells them. I don’t think he is upset. Where do you get this crap?

  4. Please stop telling us what celebrities are thinking or feeling. How would you know this? Explain.

  5. It may have a Harley engine, but it’s 100% custom chopper, from the looks of it made by Exile Customs. Hot, pissed off, mohawked British guy making bad-ass american custom bikes = win. Notice the lack of brake/clutch levers, turn signals or headlight switch? Not street legal. The clutch is actually a twisty grip, just like the throttle….cool

  6. He does not want to move to France (as does Angelina), because he wants the adoration and publicity he gets in L.A. or New Orleans. Nes Pa? Angie wants to move to France, because she wants him far away as possible from Aniston.

  7. Could be a Triumph but more than likely a Harley. You can’t tell unless you can see the motor, Janet.
    Pretty funky sissy bars tho.
    gerard…your a goof.

  8. Ease up on brad. He is just trying to get out of the house full of kids and away from the shrew (for a peaceful ride) that de-balled him. The guy has turned into a pathetic wimp.

  9. A skeletal, pillow-lipped, screw-loose, knobby-kneed, bad actress, so on and so on, has turned the pretty boy of Tinseltown into a first class wimp. How fun and refreshing to think of it. Enjoy your millions and have a happy life.

  10. “Celebs”, it is never going to get better for you regarding your every move being detailed.
    Frankly, I’m getting sick of the whine.
    You sure as hell can collect the multi million dollar paychecks, but don’t want your life infringed upon ..???
    Here’s the good news for you :
    If the press is still interested in a pic, then chances are you can still pay for the fancy bike…Get it ?

  11. Tidal Wave: Let’s also not forget….She is BI-sexual, something she admitted in a Babawa Wawa interview. Mr PittS does not approve of this, but can do nothing about it: He is basically stuck with her. Wonder if he wishes he never committed the big “A”. As stated, enjoy your million$ and ..whatever.

  12. Although I think the paps have become intrusive, there are plenty of big-name celebs that don’t get photographed every day. I think these people put themselves out there.
    Hey – they don’t mind taking our money when selling movie tickets – there is a flip-side to everything.
    Although BP is very handsome, he’s become something of a joke at the hands of the beast known as AJ. She’s so freakin’ fake. I bet he wishes he’d never hooked up with that crazy chick.

  13. Who cares? I wish they would move to France and get their faces off my TV.

  14. I can’t wait until the day Angelina decides Brad is too much of a wimp and takes off with some hunky guy she hasn’t tamed yet. It will happen.

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