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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie showed up at the Critics’ Choice Awards looking like this and we fell in love with them all over again. How refreshing it is to see celebrities NOT hawking labels, or borrowing jewelry, or bragging about who designed what. They look tasteful, subtle, and elegant. Living in Europe for awhile seems to improve everyone’s style.

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  1. Janet you are always right! This screams elegance, right down to the break in his pants at the shoes!

  2. This screams high as a kite. This fake ass trashy whore needs to go hang with bikers that enjoy the ink. They have no class at all.

  3. You can dress up a whore any way shape form or fashion that you want to. They are still a whore. You can dress up a whore-monger any way shape form or fashion that you want to. They are still a whore-monger. And, just for the record, I am not jealous.

  4. how come brad pitt looks like one of the child donkeys out of the movie pinocchio and angelina is clearly wearing charles loubuitton heels. she best be wearing great shoes she has the ugliest legs in hollywood, no need to point you to any other pics look at the one above. disgusting swine pig that she is.
    love, peace and harmony everyone. let me go get my passport and save africa. LOL load of crap from a skeletor whore.

  5. Give the guys a break….at least A J does not have her boobs hanging out or Brad looking like he has hit the booze all night like a lot of those so called celebs in La La Land.

  6. They should stay in Europe. Why are these people considered role models? You can dress ’em up but they are still trash.

  7. they looked mucho hot. your right janet totally fell in love with them all over again…how can you not.

  8. Angelina has how many trench coats? The majority of pictures she’s in, she’s wearing a trench? What’s so special about that?

  9. Chicken legs always looks like she just got out of the joint with all those tats, and Brad is aging badly

  10. How can some of you be so cold hearted about angelina and brad, they are a beautiful couple inside and out, how can you look at someone as beatiful as angelina and call her a trashy whore, give her a break, it not nice to talk bad about other.

  11. If cheating on Jennifer is not adultery, then what is? If Ang being AC/DC is not filthy and whorish, what is?

  12. dunno about that Miss Janet.
    Jolie is wearing those red soled shoes and you KNOW how expensive those shoes are.
    they came up with the signature red soles so that everyone will know whose shoe you are wearing.

  13. They look like they’re trying too hard to me. Especially Brad with that hair do. don’t like that look on him at all. she’s still beautiful but still so thin. her legs look like olive oyl.

  14. Well angelina, I must say that without those faking sunglasses, you’re looking as a more reliable person!!

  15. brad spends more time in front of the mirror styling his hair than i do.
    someone said that angelina got a tatoo of britney on her right big toe.

  16. Jolie is covering up all her prison tats. She is a low class boarderline, and he is a little boy trying to act like a man.
    They are both trash!

  17. They look absolutely beautiful, and why shouldn’t they. They are two of the most beautiful people in the world. But they do have a special little glow. Could somebody be preggers again?

  18. a special little glow??
    that’s called having-a-humongous-budget-to-pay-for-plastic-surgery-tweaks-here-and-there-and-stylists-and-smoking-a-fat-doobie-and-practicing-their-barbie-and-ken-poses-for-hours-on-end-to-get-that-look—–

  19. See Tally Ho at 2:24 PM…He/She said it all. And, one addition – unsaved, unrepentant sinners will go to hell.

  20. I wish they’d go to Europe and stay there. His look is soooo contrived. Can’t stand either one of them.

  21. She needs her lips fixed, he needs his penis fixed. What this means I have no idea.

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