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The late Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina is back in the news today because she was involved in a car crash in Georgia, as reported by TMZ. Bobbi, 19, and her adopted brother-turned-boyfriend Nick Gordon were heard arguing and they smashed up their car but managed to drive it back to their apartment. When they had a loud argument neighbors called the cops and police noticed the smashed car, but no one answered the door. Too bad Bobbi’s Lifetime reality show “The Houstons: On Our Own” has already finished filming, so this episode won’t be included. The show features Whitney’s siblings and in-laws, but we cannot figure out WHAT could be interesting about Whitney’s surviving relatives. Bobbi seems to be the only one with train wreck potential. This car crash might lure more people to tune in on October 24.

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  1. If car crashes & rolling heads on the roads is what reality TV is heading for, it’s time to turn off the tube. How can anyone make light of something that could have been a tragedy? These idiot producers need a good swift kick in the head.

  2. What a joke and who would sponsor it? Poor dumb little girl should have been in school and learning something useful rather than the ghetto act with lesbian mother and then screwing her adopted brother/boyfriend. He at least looks dressed up while she looks like ghetto.

    It will turn out very bad for her. Neither the mother, father, or grandmother were good role models and just produced dumb arrogance.

  3. I am SO fed up with anything black being on TV because its considered ‘cool’ or relevant. Can no one put anything on TV that is at least marginally interesting? This crap is just that ‘ crap’.

  4. I have just made a decision that anything that has this girl’s name/picture on it I will not open it or read it. If she comes on the TV I will change the channel. Can’t stand watching our culture disintegrate any longer. A generation ago having a whacked out mother who killed herself with drugs would have been considered shameful. Why do we celebrate this now? It’s wrong. I will just do my part by refusing to participate. It’s a revolution of one, but I will be voting with my channel surfing finger. No thanks. No more.

  5. Because Whitney was a great singer when she was young — why does her family think people are interested in them???? NOT!!!!

  6. Bongo, so right. I do the same with Casey Anthony, OJ and the Kartrashians. Just cannot waste any time or energy on these piss poor excuses for humans. This kid is on the tragedy express and nothing will stop her.

  7. absolutely not.
    first achieve something on you own, like whitney did, after that maybe a real life story.

  8. Why would anyone want to watch anything with this young woman in it? Does she have any talent? I agree it would benefit her to get some diction and an education. That she can afford.

  9. yes, why is she not in college? And what is up with someone that was considered a stepbrother being her boyfriend. Obviously the kid wants to get on the moneytrain.

  10. B.K. has no talent, is creepy looking like Dad, and in that awful dress, looks like a sausage about to burst its casing. I will NOT be watching anything featuring her.

  11. Poor poor ST can only find a way to enable all things BLACK and PC. To take up for this inbecile is to only condone her behavior and that of her drug addled lesbain mother!

  12. Bobby Kristina is a big nobody who hasn’t done anything to earn one minute of fame. It’s sad that she hasn’t developed any sense of responsibility or morals thanks to her train-wreck parents. She is destined to be the black Lindsay Lohan.

  13. Strom. whew … where to start ?

    Your incomprehensible conclusions – based on tenuous absurdist deductions ?

    You are like a mad man banging his head against a bus shelter


  14. ouch … it’s not about the poseurs, oops …. Hmmn? …. maybe it is !

  15. poor pointless child, what she needs is an education and some privacy, she’ll not see 25 .

  16. Poor child…trying to imitate her mother who ended as a drug addled lesbian. Mother was never capable of building up her ability to handle life on her own.

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