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Who would have guessed that Bill Maher would have a soft spot for little dogs? We KNOW he’d slam on the brakes for a girl who looks like Traci Bingham of Baywatch, but the dog surprised us. Bill was walking out of The Newsroom Cafe on Robertson when this little fellow barked at him so Maher stopped to say hello. On second thought, maybe the dog’s OWNER resembles Traci.

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  1. A great comedian and patriot. We need more people unafraid to speak out about the criminal legacy of GWB.

  2. Bill Maher is smart and funny. I never could figure out his attitude towards women, however.

  3. A great comedian and patriot
    LOL you must be on drugs!!

  4. And how is this metro? A Man petting a dog is not metro. Neither is the way hes dressed so i dont get it all.

  5. Such a tool masquerading as a comedian, please only the media thinks he’s great and himself in his mind.

  6. Two things…first he stopped because he thought the dog gave a good blow job (Bill seems to like that characteristic in the girls he dates) and second, the dog was able to tell better jokes than he.

  7. I totally get this man’s humor and views. However, I totally agree with Annon,4:49. He sure seems to gravitate towards the bimbos.

  8. Bill is a active member of many Animal rights groups and donates his time and money to them in los Angeles and around the country.
    Bill does satire comedy, and many people do not understand that kind of humor.

  9. Not cute, not handsome, that’s all I know about him. That’s all.

  10. Bill loves all animals and is involved with PETA. Everyone knows that.

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