Attention New York readers: you still have time to get in line at Macy’s and meet Beyonce in person. She’s set to appear on the main floor of the store on 34th Street at 12 noon Thursday for the launch of Emporio Armani Diamonds fragrance. The first 150 die-hard fans in line who purchase the Armani gift set will get to meet Beyonce and have her autograph the fragrance. Please contact this site if Prince is seen anywhere in that crowd.

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  1. your gossip is terrible. Maybe it’s time you moved on. Beyonce and Prince please try again.

  2. Anonymous, i thought the same thing that her gossip was corny but Janet is on point with a bunch exclusives that I haven’t read or seen in other gossip blogs. It sounds like your just sucking on beyonce arm pits. Armani in Macy’s how slumming is that for Armani.

  3. emporio armani is a secondary (minor) causal, less expensive line.

  4. I am so over this tired arm pit hag. she must have a super great manager to get this no talent flabby butt scag as many endorsement deals possible. I guess good for her but bad for the public that has to endure the same stuff over and over and over and over and over again. this ad looks like all of her same old tired music videos. I am done and over the top bored with tired old flabby butt.

  5. Beweave is overdue for a 2-year sabbitcal she needs to sit the hell down!

  6. she & her tired mother are just plain greedy and have been since day one. boycott this product i say.

  7. I buy most every new perfume that comes out, this is one I will not be buying. I am over this hag beYAWNce, tired and boring. how does jay z do it, I bet its the same performance every night. 🙁

  8. I smelled the perfume last night when I was shopping in Macy’s Herald Square in NYC and the her perfume smells like Musk Cologne for Men. Seriously, if anyone remembers that perfume. I don’t how in the hell that perfume name popped in my head yesterday. I sprayed, smelled and and said ewww, two blocks later my friend and I was like oh no way!!!

  9. beyonce was there i just saw her 10min ago she had a nice weave

  10. beyonce was there i just saw her 10min ago she had a nice weave

  11. This female invokes the most jealousy of anyone. She is built like a brick house, she is beautiful, and has talent to spare. That is why all the fat, ugly, hags hate her. BTW when she was a little girl, her hair was longer than this. Most of the stars wear weaves, clip-ons, or some sort of extentions. SO F ING WHAT

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