Bachelor fans have FINALLY lost interest in tracking the relationship of Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson, so the fake couple naturally broke up. Not long after season 16 (WE revealed the winner) Bachelor Ben and his choice Courtney realized that no one was interested in them individually – so they quickly got engaged and opportunity started knocking. They collected hefty fees for making personal appearances and hosting parties in Las Vegas (Above they appeared at MGM’s Wet Republic) where they posed for photos and pretended to be affectionate. Both have been seeing others all along. When the offers dried up, so did the “romance.” Why do people continue to WATCH this show?

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  1. I can’t stand that show or that idiot couple. He is so ugly and goofy looking with that horrible hair and she is a super bitch. He was warned about her and he still chose her at the end. I know all this by spoilers and internet chat-I refuse to watch that crap!

  2. No one will admit it, but the majority of Americans are ignoramuses; e.g., Elizabeth Hasselbeck who talks about this show ad nauseum on national airwaves. How bored and stupid must one be to watch this drivel? And then, these boring people go out in public and talk about it like it’s an interesting subject.

  3. This show is a trainwreck. But, it’s like passing a bad crash on the road. It’s hard to NOT stop and look. After boring, dirty Ben, and his ho, the fame-hungry phone Emily and the soft-porn BP, it’s time for Fleiss to call it quits.

    When are Jef and Emily going to drop the facade? Anyone taking bets on how long this one will last?

    The only ones that seem possibly real are Ashley and JP.

    To be honest with you, the quality of people on the show has really gone downhill. Watching Ed, Chris, Rachel and Jaclyn on BP was so gross. If I were their families I’d go into hiding for a while!

  4. The show is a must see for vapid, desperate females who have always dreamed of being swept off their feet and having a DREAM FAIRY TALE PRINCESS STYLE WEDDING and/or become a reality TV star.

    This show makes absolutely no sense.

    Single, ELIGIBLE males who genuinely desire to be wed need not HUMILIATE themselves on television to find an attractive, SUITABLE mate.
    in real life the ratio of unwed, anxious to be wed females to eligible males is significantly higher so no need for any man to be cast on a terrible tv program to find “the one”.

    There is no need for a show titled “the bachelor”.

    any man who participates in this show has to be a drama queen who is looking for attention, not a bride.

    ps. the females are only moderately attractive AFTER they have starved themselves to fit into a size zero dress size, received expensive cosmetic dentistry along with the attention of a professional makeup and hairstylist!

  5. His bad nose job makes him look like that fool Joe Francis….

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