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Female supercelebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum don’t mind if the objects of their affection aren’t as wealthy as they are, but they MUST be well dressed. Jennifer gave her boyfriend Casper Smart a spectacular makeover – he has expensive suits, overcoats and designer shoes – sneakers and hoodies are now reserved for the gym. Heidi’s no- nonsense bodyguard /boyfriend Martin Kristen just didn’t have the right clothes to take her out to dinner, so she took him to Barneys. Martin resisted, but according to The Enquirer, Heidi picked out and paid for $10,000 worth of suits, shirts and shoes for him. You’d think with her fashion contacts she’d get clothes at a discount, but she paid retail for everything. (Above, J.Lo and Casper AFTER their shopping spree, and below, Heidi and Martin BEFORE their trip to Barneys)



  1. Jen got a new wig and caked on the makeup it seems.

    No woman, not even a Kardashian, traded more of her ass to BLACK men to gain fame than Jlo. Talent = none; Good Management = much!

  2. hahahahahahaha, they both hate the “Grumpy & Old” look, folks!!

  3. Is J-Lo TRYING to look like Kim Kardashian? She probably can’t stand that KK is upping her in the press.

  4. I think JLo had a little work done — look how taut her face is and her eyes are slitted the way little girls who have their pony tails too tight look.

  5. J Ho is probably trying to look younger and younger next to the boy toy. That can get very stressful. I can’t imagine it lasting much longer.

  6. She has had many instances of plastic surgery.

    The luckiest person in the world is Ben Affleck who knows how close he came to disaster in getting involved with her publicity machine.

  7. They are both pathetic. What woman wants a man she has to pay for, boss around, dress? I guess some must as evidenced here, but not me

  8. I swear I did not recognize J-Lo. Too much surgery, you could bounce a quarter off the cheeks and the eyes are pulled up too high.

    These older over-40 ladies must have some kind of weird mental brain disturbance. They only seem happy when they can control a boytoy and spend tons of money on clothes and makeovers. In the meantime, the parasites have to ummmm, shall we say, be available at their beck and call….to carry packages, do errands and when the ladies need a little roll in the hay. This just seems a wee tad sick, no, on second thought it seems very sick. LOL (:

  9. “weird mental brain disturbance” or perhaps even worse, difficulties with syntax and sentence structure … where’d you study ?, Strom’s School for Fatties, Haters and other Faux Christians ?

    your anonymous hateful envy is a far worse sin than a facelift

  10. Ya Christine, Sherrlynne and Strom, all missed out on those essential self awareness genes didn’t they !

  11. Poor S. Trumpet can only parrot an answer from another, never adding anything to the discussion.

    Jen got a new wig and caked on the makeup it seems. Maybe ANOTHER session with the plastic doc, too! She tries to show she has class but it just never gets through: selling overpriced junk to poor hispanic women.

  12. Little Casper’ suit is far too tight. The jacket and vest are pulling across his rooster chest. The glossy fabric is pure Mafia gangster. And what’s will the cowbells on her shoes? Is that a homing device in case he loses sight of her?

  13. I was watching Madonna’s Truth or Dare and guess who I saw on there? Casper was younger & he was a backup dancer & GAY as hell! You can’t miss him! He’s not her boyfriend ! It’s all bullshit with celebrities! Fake bitch!

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