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Ashley Olsen “the healthier looking twin” might be a whiz at negotiating business deals but she has a thing or two to learn about tipping. It seems she has become a frequent customer at Terroni, the hot new restaurant on Beverly. Her favorite dish is the eggplant pasta. Ashley often picks up large takeout orders – over a hundred dollars worth – and, according to our source, she NEVER tips! Does this girl who carries $10,000 handbags think takeout means no tip? Even WE know better than that!

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  1. Janet, nobody tips on take out! You already pay ridiculous prices for the food. No need to tip. I’m sure Ashley does not pick up her own take out anyway. She has servants for that purpose.

  2. Tipping is reserved for waitstaff. Not a lot of effort goes into handing a bag of food over the counter for a take-out order.
    The tipping issue has really gotten out of hand – tip jars at Starbucks???

  3. You can stuff your stupid American custom of tipping right up your righteous asses.
    Pay the server a decent wage like the rest of the world and stop expecting the customer to shoulder the restaurant’s burden!
    Hey US servers: you’ll get nothing and like it! Maybe you should go back to school and learn a trade if you’re unhappy about it.


  5. I’ll get trashed for this, but here goes….It does get tiresome tipping and trying to figure out the correct amount. However, it does take some time to gather together a very large order. What would it hurt for Ash to give her assistant some $$ to give to the workers. Sometimes it’s like giving to charity. And who know, she might get a blessing, which she sorely needs. And, no, I am not in the restaurant business in any capacity. OR…..they may spit in your food next time, Ashley.

  6. Hey, I agree with 5:49 AM. Most servers are not in the tough restaurant for a joy-ride. Since Ashley is one of the richest little skags on earth, what would it hurt her to loosen her purse strings a little. I guess it’s true, the richer you are, sometimes the tighter you are. I too do not work in the food business.

  7. I agree with 5:49 and 5:57. Servers in restaurants make minimum wage – which for servers it’s like $3 an hour…if that. They RELY on tips – even if you are at the take out counter. At Chili’s they have a totally seperate door for takeout. One of my friends worked there on SuperBowl night, lots of huge orders, and people tipped her. It’s common courtesy. The server takes the order, places the order, puts the order together in containers and bags…the least you can do is tip them. All you’re doing is paying and eating.

  8. I never tip for take out…why? That’s a first for me…Janet you are a SUCKER!

  9. I never heard of tipping on takeout either. Tipping is for service, and you’re not getting any if you get it “to go”

  10. tipping for takeout????? you’ve got to be kidding me? is it a slow gossip day?

  11. Um do you realize yet that restaurants are laughing all the way to the bank while the wait staff bitches about the cheap ass diners?

  12. Why should the customer feel they have to compensate for the restaurant not paying their servers properly? No, you shouldn’t tip on takeout. The restaurants should be grateful they have customers and not try to nickel and dime everyone.

  13. These days no matter where you go for takeout the receipt automatically prints up with a space for the tip. It’s obnoxious.It’s like they’re trying to make you feel guilty. I’ve picked up a pizza and get that. What, I’m supposed to tip them for putting my pepperoni on evenly. that.

  14. It doesn’t matter that she’s rich. That’s not a reason she has to give a tip for takeout. I’m sure she does give alot to charities.

  15. Nobody tips for take out food, stop trying to make up stuff. You tip when you sit down in the restaurant and a waitress serves you period.

  16. Tipping is a function of service while dining. Is a customer who orders to go and picks it up getting any service? No.
    Now, the real question is how does this talentless kunt who has damaged the minds of millions of girls with her trash tip when she actually sits down at a restaurant?
    Do you have that info Janet?

  17. If we were to believe everyone tips for takeout- does that mean we will begin tipping at McDonalds and Wendys? Those employees provide the same service as the employees at Terroni. I’m glad to hear Janet always tips for carry out- I’m sure KFC and Taco Bell enjoy your business.

  18. Mixed feelings here. My local Wood Ranch restaurant I always throw the kids who pack my to go orders a few bucks-usually 10%-and they remember me and totally hook me up and take care of me if there is a crowd. Plus they give me extra sides and such and always offer me a free drink of my choice while I wait-now I would not tip at a pizzeria or starbucks, but a real restaurant, yes. Have a heart you bitches

  19. It’s completely appropriate not to tip on take-out orders. It’s also appropriate for multi-millionaires to tip for things in which a tip is not “required” but she certainly isn’t breaching any etiquette by not doing so.

  20. Wow, you all sound like a bunch of cheapskates.
    If you go to a restaurant like Applebee’s, Ninety Nines, Ruby Tuesday, Chili’s, or Fridays…you should tip your take out people! Most of these places have implemented carside service. You call and order and they bring it out for you. The person is JUST LIKE a server. They have to answer the phone, take the order, ring it in, put it together in the kitchen, and bring it out to your car even when it’s RAINING or freezing cold outside. And they still make the same rate as a server and they still have to do just as much work at the end of the night to clean up their station. Have a freaking heart people.
    For something like Chinese, Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, etc I would NOT tip. They are counter people and most are getting paid a much better wage.

  21. “Pay the server a decent wage like the rest of the world”
    You mean like China?

  22. How do you know the person who hands you your takeout is the one who actuallly packed it. You give them the tip, they keep it and poor Carlos in the back room who packed your food gets nothing anyway.

  23. I think Janet is trying to hint that us posters should tip her for her not so great gossip tidbits.
    I am sure she’ll have a “Donate Via Paypal” link up soon.

  24. I,too, am not in the food biz. True story: My cousin works in a medium price restaurant; about 1/3 of sales is take-out. She said to carefully pack up and price many large take-outs is way harder than walking by with a tea pitcher and refilling a glass. McDonald’s, KFC, Wendy’s (small quick orders, etc) are different from $100’s worth that Ashley gets. Not being required of course, what would it hurt Miss $1/2 billion (with a ‘B’) to see to it that ALL the persons involved in preparing take-out orders would get a tip. She is a tiny, self-absorbed, skinny, dope-head man-crazy ho that cares about no one but herself. Furthermore, she always looks nuts out the eyes. Ashley, BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD, you would be working as others do in the day-to-day struggle to make a decent living. Please forgive me the length of this.

  25. Serial cheapskate?
    I wonder how much waitpersons’ saliva Ashley and her cohorts have ingested along with their pasta?

  26. ^^ Word. NEVER piss-off or stiff the people who handle your food!
    Anyone who’s ever worked in a restaurant — whether it be Mickey D’s or a 5-star establishment — knows this.
    Think of your “tip” as a little insurance policy toward protecting yourself.
    Trust. You really don’t want to know how restaurant workers have their revenge against deadbeats and “difficult” customers.

  27. The eggplant pasta, though a good dish, could very well be hiding unseen unappetizing ‘things’.

  28. Is something wrong with her neck? She wears a bulky scarf a lot. Ashley, just hire a full-time private cook, and then you’ll know what you’re eating……maybe, (and unless you make ’em mad).

  29. No where else does it bug me more to leave a tip than the coffee places like Starbucks. They already charge $4. for a cup of coffee (which you have to wait in a line of about ten people for) and their stupid tip jar is right in your face cause they want more. For what? Maybe if they brought it to my house in the morning that would merit a tip.

  30. My friend who was in the restaurant business and her brother worked at Starbucks said it’s a common practice for them to put a few drops of Visine in the drinks of people they don’t like that don’t tip. Apparently it gives the unsuspecting person diarrhea for the rest of the day. Disgusting but true.

  31. “Pay the server a decent wage like the rest of the world”
    You mean like China?
    Get a passport, trash. Then you can start asking questions about how the rest of the world operates.

  32. A waitress I know said she would much rather work inside where its nice and warm, deliver a plate, pour coffee, etc…..and always get a tip…..THAN TO….work the phone taking orders for take-out, making sure boxes don’t flop open, adding up total, taking out to car and not even getting a thank you. NOTE: this is for LARGE orders, not the $4-$10 order at a fast food joint. There is a big difference.

  33. tipping on pick up orders: totally optional, I dont think any restaurant employee would be upset if you didnt tip except a greedy little scag that didnt deserve a tip anyway. I once tipped at my local take out spot the first time I ever got take out from them and the sweet girl was totally shocked. to me this translated as they dont normally get tipped.
    I will tip for sure if they do curbside service but not like a lot maybe a buck per entree but no more.
    and as for dining in restaurants I will only leave tips from now on to waiters/waitreses that really care to make my experience wonderful and dont mess up and get me my food in a prompt conscientous manner too manay waiters are very expectant of a tip that it has become ridiculous.

  34. Cindy Adams wrote a great column a few weeks ago about how we are tipping everyone for everything! It out of control.
    How many times have you gotten home with your take-out order and it’s WRONG?
    I am a great tipper when I eat out in a restaurant…whether it’s a Mexican restaurant or a 5 star bistro. But I do not (and will not) tip at my Dunkin Donuts or when I’ve phoned in my order for take out at a local restaurant.

  35. wow you must be kidding me no tipping on takeout. Lets see the person puts the order in comes back and packs it up brings it to you and you think they do this for you because they love you?It is for sure propre to tip on takeout. Always has been not the average 20% but 10 percent. You people should just stay home and fix your lazy stingy self a bowl of cereal. I am appauled at your attempts to hold onto a few dollars. I get something worth 30 bucks I tip the person who got it for me three

  36. “and as for dining in restaurants I will only leave tips from now on to waiters/waitreses that really care to make my experience wonderful and dont mess up and get me my food in a prompt conscientous manner too manay waiters are very expectant of a tip that it has become ridiculous.”
    So if the kitchen screws up your food, that’s my fault? And you won’t tip me because your experience wasn’t wonderful? Awesome. Absolutely awesome. Last time I checked, we make on average between $3 and $4 an hour and we make that because we DEPEND on tips. We EXPECT them because you go out to eat to be served and we provide a SERVICE. If it sucks, not tipping is understandable. But not tipping just cause you don’t feel like it is rediculous. We would rather have you stay home.
    And I’ve heard of visine in drinks before, as well as dropping food on the floor before it goes out. It should go without saying that you should be nice to the people who handle your food!

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