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The last we heard, Ashley Hamilton was clean, had his own apartment in Hollywood, and was writing songs and feuding with Robbie Williams over some tune they wrote together. The latest news is that Ashley has put music aside and decided to become A STANDUP COMIC. Yes, you read right. He’s perfecting a standup act at The Comedy Store on Sunset where he’s appearing every Wednesday night. He makes jokes about his life growing up in Hollywood. An example: “My father was so tan that I thought I was black until I was five years old.” He has a ways to go….. By the way, his dad George Hamilton is very disappointed because he didn’t get Bob Barker’s job on The Price Is Right. They’re still auditioning people.

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  1. Screw this. What I wanna know is this ‘big secret’ about Ashley Hamilton. Did he secretly kill some girl? THAT’s what I wanna know about. I hear his name is mud in Hollywood and people are over him and sick of the justice system because of something he supposedly got away with. Somebody spill it!

  2. You think he’s still on Daddy’s trust fund? Or did it run out years ago..
    Poor guy. His name is a little muddy from his past. But look at all the other people who have overcome it-well, OJ hasn’t.
    Daddy George would have been a fun Bob Barker!

  3. Wasn’t Ash some how involved in the death of some young girl in December of 2004 in L.A County….Why won’t ANYONE come forward with the details?

  4. The question is – Why would The Price is Right want an uneducated nobody like Ashley Hamilton? Shouldn’t he have to prove himself in a body of work before being handed a job like Bob Barker’s? Why would he even think he had a chance? How about getting a real job and forgetting show biz? Just ’cause Daddy has made a good living at it doesn’t mean Sonny Boy can. These Hollywood kids don’t want to work, they just want to play.

  5. neither of these gentlemen are celebrities, nor have they had any success of their own.
    sorry, you got to come with something better than being the son of rod freaking stewart and george c list hamilton.

  6. The details need to come from the person(s) who committed this crime.

  7. I want details. Who did Ashley allegedly murder? How? Drugs, I assume, he’s a known heroin addict.

  8. didn’t another person of interest in that young womans death have the initials J.R.?

  9. Ashley Hamilton should get a job. He’s not a comic. He can’t tell a joke. He is a joke.

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