We don’t usually got excited about sneakers but these Adidas designed by Jeremy Scott stopped us in our tracks. Our first thought was – what a great way to keep your shoes from being stolen! But when the photo appeared on Facebook, commenters accused the shoes of being offensive to African Americans because the chains remind one of slavery. What a shame – the shoe was set to come out in August, but now production of the design has been cancelled. You Facebook people have no sense of humor!

Photo via: The Daily What

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  1. I’m with you Janet.

    Americans are such silly and immature little children. Allways wanting to be offended by something or some group.

    Unclench and get a sense of humor. Stop looking for the boogeyman in everything.

  2. well, send them to the ladies of the “UCLA’s Rowing Team”!!

  3. They don’t remind me of slavery, but they do look really stupid and pointless. Manacles aren’t really cool, and that’s usually the only reason why one would pay for overpriced sneakers.

  4. I agree they look stupid but the EEOC BLACKS are happy to blame all their woes on slavery while every race passes them by. Doesnt bother the ghetto cruisers a bit to wear gold chains around their necks though! Its an excuse and where are their role models…..Obama is hiding in the WH and Michelle is off on vacation #23.


    Hope & Change

  5. Those shoes look like they would be marketed to young kids and teenagers. I think they look hideous.

  6. The shoes complete the ensemble of jailin’ pants. They will be a hit with a certain population.

  7. Weird looking-I can’t imagine why/how they came up with this design.

  8. Definitely hideous and aimed towards a younger crowd since I know no one my age who would ever wear that but to claim racism is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. I am so sick and tired of every little thing coming back to that. They should all take a lesson from Rodney King (RIP) who never let what happened to him hold him back. He was so positive and did not let that define him. And he was beaten. The people complaining only read about slavery in a history book. They didn’t have it happen to THEM.

  9. Wear them with ole-timey bloomers….gorgeous

  10. I am offended that anyone would spend $350 on these ugly shoes.

  11. Totally agree with Bluejay, was just about to type that. Seen plenty wearing those shackles in the courtroom

  12. The look like courtroom shackles worn by whites, blacks, latinos and any other person regardless of color/race/ethnicity who commits a crime or who is accused of a crime. They have nothing to do with race.

    Having said that, they also look damned uncomfortable.

  13. I thought it was a kinky reference and not a racial thing.

  14. People can see racism in anything if they so choose.
    That said only a generation of serfs would want to wear those hideous things.

  15. The Media will make this election
    about anything but obama’s “Achievements”.

    Jobs, Unemployment, gas….
    Are we really better off?

  16. when they put those straps in the middle its so damn uncomfortable and it’s totally pointless, it’s really hilarious how exaggerated these sneaker designs are getting and even more funny that all these Hollywood posers will actually wear them no matter what they look like! I cant wait to see Kanye and Kim wearing his and her shackles.. just for that alone it’s worth it these shoes need to exist

  17. Janet says, “…what a great way to keep your shoes from being stolen.” I don’t get it, how would those velcro things keep your shoes from being stolen? Is she saying shoes are stolen off peoples feet? If so, I would think the little velcro band would be the least difficult part of the theft. Was she joking?

  18. They mock the buyer… chained to consumerism. Also, they are exceptionally unattractive.

  19. Love Adidas, hate the shackle shoes, tasteless to say the least. Just what are they paying those designers these days to come up with such ridiculous stuff. Somesimes keeping it simple is best.

  20. I am sorry that persons who did not have relatives come over in slave ships and live as slaves in this country do not “get it”. This has nothing to do with having a sense of humor. But everthing to do with the history of this country and role that slavery has and will continue to play in it.

  21. Yes, these shoes connote slavery, but more likely being a slave to fashion than anything racial. Where did Americans get the idea that slavery is only about being black? Slavery is about being the spoils of war; it predates the slavery blacks experienced in the U.S.

  22. We are all slaves to the National Debt, Sixteen Trillion and growing.
    Where is the outrage?

  23. Get over it…neither you or anyone you ever knew was a slave and if you have ever been to Africa you quickly see that the BLACKS here have benefitted greatly from their ancestors misery. Instead of excuses why not focus on why the BLACK race is being passed by for everything (except government jobs).

    Hope & Change

    By Mae McLendon
    On June 19, 2012 at

    I am sorry that persons who did not have relatives come over in slave ships and live as slaves in this country do not “get it”. This has nothing to do with having a sense of humor. But everthing to do with the history of this country and role that slavery has and will continue to play in it.

  24. I’m more appalled at the insensitive and crazy remarks by the readers of this blog than I am at the shoes. Just because you don’t “get it” doesn’t mean that others can’t be offended by it. Being Black in America is still a completely different experience than being White. Do your homework. Telling Black people to “get over it” is an absolutely disgusting comment and you need to check yourself.

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